Lately, I have been reflecting upon many things in my life and I have realized a few things within my writings:

I found that a comment I heard a while back may in fact be true; my writing is dry. It seems to me that I write the same each time and that my voice is monotone and has no emotion or unique flair to it. I sometimes grow bored reading my work, and I feel that this shouldn’t happen. I have also noticed that I have not been writing as often as I used to, and this may be part of the reason. (For other reasons, you will have to read My Thoughts, specifically my first one.)

I am asking for some serious help from my fellow readers and writers. I need some encouragement, guidelines, criticisms, etc.

  • What can I do better?
  • What should I be doing that I am not currently?
  • How can I add interest to my work?

Please comment with some real suggestions and tips that I can use to improve…

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