After shaking the emotional thoughts from my mind, I heard a thud from the car. My head instantly glanced to the loud noise and found Mr. Gifford rubbing the back of his neck with a groan as he picked himself up from the roof of his overturned car. “What are you doing here?” he asked Isaac with a surprised look upon his face.

“What are you doing here?” Isaac snapped back, still grasping his weapon tightly in his hands.

“What are you doing with a gun?” questioned Mr. Gifford, his countenance twisting to confusion.

“Not enough,” I heard Isaac reply as I began to pick myself up from the snow.

Just as I stood upon my clawed feet, I found Mr. Gifford’s face turn to a frown as he exclaimed, “What, you didn’t kill it?”

“You wanna’ try?” Isaac barked as he aimed his gun at me and pulled the trigger. There was a click as the bullet grazed by my side. He was warning me, how cute. “How do you kill one?”

“Uhh…silver bullets? Or is it iron?” Pounce…pounce…pounce…

“I think it’s silver…” Pounce…pounce…pounce…

“What kind do you have?” Pounce…pounce…pounce…

“Lead-” Isaac stared down at his gun as he answered Mr. Gifford’s question. Pounce…pounce…pounce…

Suddenly, I launched myself with my back legs and tackled Isaac to the ground. I felt an ache in my side as I realized that Mr. Gifford was trying to push me off. Blood…blood…feast. The vicious thoughts controlled my mind as I turned and slashed at the teacher, streaking my claws across his face. I licked the trail of blood from my talons giving him enough time to begin to escape. “Gah, man! Do something!” he nervously yelled out to Isaac.

“I’m trying!” he shouted as he frantically searched the blood-streaked snow for his gun. I turned in his direction and gave my lips a swift lick. I let the warmth of the blood trickle upon my tongue before I swallowed it down my greedy throat. I wanted more and I was going to get it.

“You can’t kill it with the gun anyway! Try something else!” I heard from behind me.

“Like what!?” I watched as Isaac thought for a moment before his face lit up with an idea. “Keep stalling, Giff!” Just then, he snatched his weapon from its white concealment. All of a sudden, there was a fiery explosion that enveloped the car that threw me back into the snow. I heard a murmur of Isaac’s voice amidst the cackle and spit of the fire as I shook my head from the smoke. Opening my eyes, I found Mr. Gifford standing over me with a long, metal crowbar in his hands and an evil grin of determination on his face.

Just then, I gave a long, sorrowful howl as a glowing orb of light was thrown over me, spreading its luminescence about me. The world around me grew red as an explosion of pain overcame me. Once again, I felt the burn of growing bones and was baffled to find that my normal thoughts had returned. A sliver of pain speared through my spine as I curled my back in agony. The extreme discomfort continued through my muscles as it worked its way into my eyes. I could hear the tense pulsing of my heart within my head and felt the closing of my throat. No breath would come to me as I dug my shrinking claws into the palms of my hands and my body instantly grew colder when I felt the brush of snow against my bare skin. I realized that my fur had disappeared along with the long, furry ears that sprouted from the sides of my head and the pointed teeth and claws. I no longer felt the fur of my tail brushing against the back of my legs and could no longer drag my hands across the ground. My world became smaller as my eyes shrank along with my height. I was human again. How was this happening? How was I transforming? With my eyes forced open in the usual routine, I watched the moon float in the sea of stars overhead and could not understand what was happening. Was the curse broken? Was I free?

With the transformation complete, I fell to my knees with a sigh of exasperation.

“Is that-?” Isaac asked with an astonished gasp.

“Yep. Hey, Noelle.” I heard from Mr. Gifford.

“Huh?” I replied groggily, glancing up to him. Everything is fine. Nobody was harmed. Nobody is hurt. You are all right. Everything is all right. My thoughts began to return to my mind as I felt the control return to my muscles and the breath return to my lungs. I gave a weak smile before collapsing into the snow.

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    “my view turned red” is awkward. Otherwise, well done again and nicely attaching other pieces of story to your own.


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