The Club: My Chapter 3 – Executing a Plan

“Dad,” I started with an embarrassed tone in my voice as I approached him in the living room. The TV was sputtering out current events of missing people and politics in the background, my dad intently watching.

“What’s up?” he asked, slightly turning his head.

“It’s a full moon tomorrow…” I started, always embarassed to remind him.

“Oh…yeah…” He paused for a bit. “What are you going to do this time?”

“I think I’m going to go far out again. Out into the farmland, you know, where no one is.”

“Oh, okay…” He replied with a sigh, always upset that I had to leave the house because of my “problem,” but he understood. I didn’t want to hurt anybody, escpecially not my family. The best thing for me to do was to leave and become isolated until the moon had passed.

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The Club: My Chapter 2 – Difficult Desicion

Should I go? The question drifted within my mind, invading all of my other thoughts. I couldn’t stop thinking about it each moment of my day, and it had been keeping me awake at night. I yawned and stretched out my arms, leaning my back over the worn cushioning of the backrest of my quaint computer chair. I had already been tired, yet homework insisted that it take more from me.

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The Club: My Chapter 1 – The Invitation

“Finally, I’m almost home…” I thought to myself as I glanced out the window to my left on the school bus, brushing my long brown hair out of my face. I saw the base’s surrounding chain link fence passing by bit by bit as the bus continued down the highway slowing to turn left onto the air base. Squeezed against the window in the seat with the wheel, my knees were raised with my backpack resting in my lap taking over my face. The person next to me was turned into the alley of the bus, paying no attention to me, as usual. It was another usual and boring day. I gave a heavy sigh before returning my glance to the window next to my face on my right and crossing my arms over the top of my backpack to rest my head on the warm black fabric of my hoodie’s sleeves with a frown and a yawn. With the bus turning off the highway, I was given a clear view to the highway stretching on, the same question entering my mind. I’d never been past this turn…what was out there?

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The Club: My Chapter 4 – Cyclone of Confusion

There was a strong wind that struck my face with a shocking sting. Snow continued to blow wildly about, freezing my bare skin and I realized that I was once again a human, now lying in the frozen powder without any protection. The shirt that I had previously been wearing was once more too large to properly fit me and sagged from my small-framed body. The mere shorts that I had worn to prevent from tearing jeans now left my legs vulnerable to the cold, forcing me to sit up and curl into a small ball to keep my body temperature up. What a perfect night for a full moon.

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The Club: My Chapter 3 – Light of Renewal

After shaking the emotional thoughts from my mind, I heard a thud from the car. My head instantly glanced to the loud noise and found Mr. Gifford rubbing the back of his neck with a groan as he picked himself up from the roof of his overturned car. “What are you doing here?” he asked Isaac with a surprised look upon his face.

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The Club: My Chapter 2 – Familiar Faces

I found myself darting through the wheat covered fields of North Dakota upon my four, long legs with the long, shaggy fur that sprouted from my skin blowing in the wind as I traveled. It felt a little odd to be running with my head about a foot from the ground and my unusually lengthy forearms curving below my body past my back feet as I sprinted. I was no longer a human, or at least in a human form. I was now an animal, and I could not control my thoughts, or my actions…

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The Club: My Chapter 1 – Transformation

Just stay calm…just stay calm… The thoughts seemed to emerge from my desolate mind into the silence of dusk as I paced down the lone highway. Keep your thoughts clear, just keep them clear. I knew that it was coming. I knew that I could not stop it. Empty thoughts…blank thoughts. Everything is fine. It taunted me in the back of my mind as the sun inched closer to the horizon far off. You’ll be safe. It’ll be all right. The horizon seemed to be the blade of a knife as I waited for night to come, for with night, death would follow. Just don’t think about it. Don’t think of the pain. I could imagine the gruesome scenes before me with my heart rate increasing. No, don’t lose control. Don’t lose control. I shook the bloody thoughts from my mind as I tried to regain control of myself. I noticed that my breathing had become sharp and quick along with each beat within my chest. Happy thoughts…happy thoughts. I could not live with this forever. I had to do something about it. What to do? What to do? I felt the shrill pain of fear bite into me along with a nagging at the back of my mind. Look at the moon…look at the moon. You must look at the moon. “No!” I screamed aloud, grasping my head within my hands. I was surprised at my sudden action and found that I had stopped walking. The sun is setting. It won’t be long now. I glanced back in the direction that I had come from, checking to see how far from the Air Force Base I had actually walked. This seems far enough. This is good. Flashing my dark eyes about, I found that I was beside a wide spread field of wheat with the empty highway to my left. “This is good,” I said aloud, confirming my thoughts. The sun is almost gone. Darkness is approaching. I knew that my mind was correct but I didn’t want to believe it. Ignoring the instinctive thoughts, I turned from the pavement, placing my tennis shoe into the wet snow of the field. It is coming…it is coming.

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