I wrote these poems back in 2003 when I was in the 6th grade.

Winter Night

Winter is cold, alone and dark.
All animals hidden away, some flown south in search of warmth.
Nothing around, nothing to see,
But the black of the sky and the white of the land.

Winter is sad, brisk and quiet.
Everything around is cold and dying.
The air around is thin and harsh,
The moon, bright and full.

Winter is bleak, windy, and frozen.
A mere doe searching for food,
Lying down in Death itself,
Waiting, waiting, waiting for something.

Winter is Death, freezing, and mysterious.
The night casting shadows on the snow.
The moon summoning bright light overhead,
The only hope in this brisk, cold night.

Winter is queer, strange, and odd.
The morning sun slowly rising from slumber,
Painting the land with pink and orange,
The sky violet with little hope of morning.

Winter is bright, blinding, and white.
With morning, little hope is arisen.
The long night is over, the doe is forgotten.
Another day is born, with new night to come.

Winter is hopeless, dreadful, and frightening.
Days and nights passing by in a never-ending circle,
Waiting for the miracle of spring to come.
But until, winter stays, killing and depressing.

I’d Love To…

I’d love to ride a horse
On a warm summer’s day.
I’d like to go hiking
On a mountain in May.

I’d like to draw a masterpiece
For people to adore.
I’d like to go swimming
Until my muscles grow sore.

I’d like to go bungee jumping
And to feel like I’m flying through the air.
I’d like to gain a lot of money
For me to give and share.

I’d like to write a story
So everybody can read it.
I’d like it to be made into a movie
And become a big hit.

I’d like to go white water rafting
Down a large, rushing river.
I’d like to drink a strawberry banana smoothie
And make myself shiver.

I’d like to impress my parents
When I do something great.
I’d like to have a great life
And create my own fate!


Joy shines sunny yellow
With the sweet sound of a baby’s giggle,
The taste of fresh marshmallows,
And the smell of jellybeans in the air.
With the sight of a lamb prancing in happiness,
You feel warm and safe.


Depression is the black of night
With the sound of a lone bell ringing in the distance,
The taste of salt water lingering in your mouth,
And the thick smell of dust upon the land.
The thought of a sad, little puppy thrown out in the rain on the side of the road
Is enough to make you feel alone, wanting to end the deep sadness.


The dolphins soar out
And back into the blue sea,
Flipping happily.

The black stallion trots
Across the green fields with glee,
His black mane flowing.

The rabbit scurries
Through the garden’s vegetables,
Looking for some food.

The beautiful flag
Waves in the wind reminding
People of freedom.

The lone bell ringing
In the lonely, dark blackness.
Ringing and Ringing.

Writing and Drawing

Marks and scribbles along your paper,
Marking letters and words as they go,
Revealing thoughts, ideas and secrets,
All in one smooth flow.

Sometimes pictures, sometimes words,
Your mind may choose to reveal.
Your mind is full of many creations,
All a crime to seal.

Moving your pen, pencil, or marker
To make such harmonious curls,
Your thoughts and your feelings all unfolding,
In all sorts of different swirls.

You may make dots and stripes
To make a picture.
Or maybe even painting
A very lovely fixture.

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