As I am sure that you noticed, I haven’t been writing much this summer. I have written a few My Thoughts and scribbled my story for the End of the Year Book, but it wasn’t really that much. Once again, I really don’t know why, but I have got a clue now…

Of course, all my best thinking is done at night, lying in bed, when I should be sleeping. It was around midnight last night and I knew that I would have to wake up at 6:30 AM today, but I couldn’t sleep. Too many thoughts were brewing around in my mind, which put me in the perfect mood to write. That’s the best time that I write, also. It’s all dark and quiet. Everybody in my house is asleep and I can just write without having to worry about…anything.

I was thinking last night, and I realized something…I tend to take one thing in at a time, but I take it all in. For example, when I am at dinner with a plate of food before me, I will eat all of one food first before moving on to the next. I noticed that I am like that in real life also.

I am sure that you can all remember how much and how often I was writing towards the middle of the school year. Well, I also have a guild to run and a few websites. At that time, I was doing a lot of writing, but never worked on my website, hardly drew for fun (besides pointless five-minute doodles,) and visited my guild about once a day. Towards the end of the school year and all this summer basically, the flowing river of writings from me has ceased to a trickle. I am sure that most of you thought that I had disappeared and wasting away my summer to nothing, or was going on vacation or something…I wasn’t. My vacation was actually cancelled and I have been home every day this summer except for four days. To read more on that, visit My Thoughts – June 12, 2007. I have been busy with other things. I just figured out that my computer came with a way better movie maker than the one that I had been using, and since my family and I have been visiting the zoo lately, I made some more videos. For a few weeks or so, I did nothing but make videos and stuff. I also made my first two animations recently. I am very proud of my second one. Please take a moment to visit my YouTube account. Here is my second animation, with one of my animal sounds. (I hope this makes you happy, Jared. :D)

After the video phase that I went through, I changed to drawing and my guild. I have been promising my guild that once we reached 100 members, I would throw a big internet party called the 100 Member Bash. Our number of members had been constantly changing from as low as 85 all the way up to 96, but it just wouldn’t reach 100. I created an entire new Guild Website on the 7th of June this summer, in hopes that it would attract new members and just because our old Guild Website really sucked. I also kicked everybody off of my Guild Council and took some applications from new people since the old Guild Council was inactive. I’ve got a new Guild Council now that is way better, helpful, active, and nice. We finally reached 100 members which meant that I had to throw that big party that I had promised. I gave every active member 2 free Game Points (which can be turned in for prizes on the Guild Website,) and a plushie to add to their collection since my guild is The Plushie Collectors Guild. On top of that, I created a 100 Member Bash celebration video on YouTube with my brother, (who is also in my guild.) You can take a moment to watch it…It’s pretty funny.

Afterwards, I was busy working on the new Guild Website and was constantly drawing pictures also. A few of my pictures are pictured here. Please be aware that a few of these are unfinished.

I also learned a bit more CSS and started making my own custom userlookups. I created one for one of my accounts first and then had many people asking me for one. I have only finished three so far, but I have two more on a waiting list.

So I am still working on those userlookup requests, but I also wanted to redo my guild’s layout since it was totally destroyed. I had coded it in HTML, but the webhost switched the entire website to CSS, totally screwing up all my HTML. I had to redraw a completely new layout and recode it with CSS, but luckily I have been learning more, and it wasn’t that difficult. This is what I came up with just yesterday. I created a new mascot for the guild which is Kottiou, the creature sitting near the bottom and made it to where every plank on that wooden sign to the left is clickable and will take the viewer to a different page related to the guild. I am very proud of this new layout. 🙂

The Plushie Collectors Guild

The Plushie Collectors Guild

Along with the new website, I had also been working on my personal webpages just a bit.

So anyway, my point with this post was to just show you guys what I’ve been working on this summer and to show that although I wasn’t writing, I wasn’t wasting my time…I hope that I will start to write some more really soon.

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  1. Mr. G
    Mr. G says:

    I’m glad you’ve figured that out. You certainly are no slacker. You’ve been doing a lot. Hopefully, you’ll be able to figure out how to multi-task a little better once school starts. It’s hard to only do one thing when you have seven classes on top of all of your clubs and activities.

  2. Rebecca
    Rebecca says:

    Well, Noelle, you certainly have been busy. I liked the video of the dragon, and I went to your page and those were some cute ones of the animals. I am a Zoo Teen, so I get to see them almost every day (at least twice a week), and I know them practically all by name!
    I think that’s pretty cool.

  3. Liz
    Liz says:

    Noelle I really messed up!!! My font for my blog is way to big. It even scares blind people! If you can help me, email me!! and I will give you my password unless you still have it!


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