I have been thinking over some ideas for this upcoming new year of Magic Pens along with everyone and here are just a few of my thoughts. I’m going off of Mr. Gifford’s list also.

Better Criticism: I do agree with this one as I haven’t been getting a lot of suggestions, corrections, and criticisms lately. Mainly, I think that we have all been too busy or just lazy. 😛

Writing Buddies: I liked the writing buddies idea that we had last year, but my writing buddies didn’t read my stuff or post stuff for me to read. I was however willing to participate and would like to see it work this year.

Pick of the Month: I have mentioned trying awards before, but we never did. Here is an award that I just created really quickly that we could use if you wanted to. I can move the title and draw different things in the middle for different awards. We could do different awards for genres like fantasy, romance, comedy, mystery, adventure, sci-fi, etc., or we could do it by post-type such as essay, short story, novel chapter, journal, etc.

The Club: I really liked how the club was going, but I do think we should plan it out just a little bit, maybe giving everybody a “special power” at a meeting or something. That way everybody knows what they are and where they fit in if they would like to jump in.

Officers: We had officers last year, but to be honest, we didn’t do anything differently. Randy was the President, but he didn’t do much, and Jared was Secretary, but he never took notes or anything. I was Vice President, but I didn’t do anything differently than I would have if I hadn’t been an officer. I would definately like to keep up with the officers idea, but this time maybe have specific jobs for each rank and keep with them or something. Perhaps I could grant each officer the ability to edit the Magic Pens website to add updates and such.

Our World: Our World was a really awesome idea, but I think that it became too complicated. I think that we should all just sit down and create a new “Our World” at a meeting and actually set some rules on it. This “anything goes” idea didn’t exactly work out too well, although I will be continuing my It Came to me in a Dream story. I think that we should actually draw a world map, name the world, set a government, maybe add a bit of history, create some places and cities, maybe make some countries and stuff enemies, and set the present storyline. We should also set the time and the genre. Perhaps we could mix a few, but not have everything. I think that this would help keep everybody focused, keep the stories coming, keep it less complicated, and even help some of us create our own worlds in stories that we write.

I’ll be adding more ideas as I remember them and as I get more comments on new ideas.

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  1. Jeremy G.N.
    Jeremy G.N. says:

    I agree with the OW thing. Even more so because I would be screwing some of it up when I change the time-line for my Our World related stories all of a sudden. Yeah, I’ll explain that on my blog.


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