Autobiography: September 7, 2007

So, you’d like to know a bit more about me?

This is a picture of my brother, Wesley, and me in July of 2007.

Click on the image to enlarge it.

Where should I begin? I, Noelle Marie Brooks, was born in San Antonio, Texas, on Lackland Air Force Base on June 29, 1992 (and have a birthmark the shape of the state, too.) Although I lived on Lackland for 11 years I had four different houses until my mom was assigned to be a recruiter in Minneapolis, Minnesota and we moved in June of 2003. We lived in Wisconsin until August of 2003 while the Air Force was inspecting the house we were going to live in, and then in October of 2004, we moved from Minnesota to here, Minot, North Dakota. I will have lived here for three years this coming October.

I only have one brother, Wesley Xavier, who is currently 11 years old, turning 12 on October 16. Other than him, I live with my mom, my dad, and two white rabbits named Emerald and Crystal. Crystal, the tiny red-eyed, pointed-brown dwarf mixed rabbit is sweet-tempered and loves to lick people she likes. (Pointed-brown means is a rabbit term that means she is all white except for her tips. Her ears, nose, feet, and tail are colored, in this case, brown. ) Emerald, the much larger and more timid, wild, and aggressive rabbit does not like people as much and takes a while to get used to strangers. She was a biter when we first got her, but doesn’t bite so much anymore. She had dark, emerald green eyes when we first got her, but now they have turned blue-grey. Just like Crystal, she is a pointed rabbit, however she is pointed-black.

I have many hobbies that keep me very busy all the time. As you may already know, I love to write and draw. I always have my writing and drawing notebooks on me and scribble something down when I have the free time. I love medieval times and the fantasy genre and love to create my own creatures, especially dragons, phoenixes, and gryphons. I will try to illustrate my stories every now and then, so you may see a few of my drawings pop up on my blog. I have drawn my current bog’s header, and will often draw the layout. I am in love with foxes and draw them and wolves all the time. Other things I enjoy are riding my bike in prefect balance without holding on, playing video games, listening to music, creating websites, watching movies, and hanging out with friends. I always catch every episode of Heroes, Lost, and Who Wants to be a Superhero?, but otherwise, I don’t watch a lot of television.

Physically, I stand at exactly 5 foot, have long, dark brown hair with bangs grown out to the side, and dark brown eyes. Unless you are standing within a foot of me, you usually can’t see the difference between my irises and my pupils which creates the illusion that I have huge eyes. I am nearsighted so I have to wear glasses, but I have been wearing contacts lately. I am usually never seen without the watch on my right wrist, the mood necklace around my neck, and the 18 rubber bracelets around my left wrist that support things like cancer, American troops, military members, XBOX, Nintendo, Minot High, etc.

I have five “ics” that I tell people about also. I am hypoglycemic, arachnaphobic, allergenic, claustrophobic, and a little insomnic. I am a very passive person that is usually too shy to speak to other people and can often be found sitting in a corner alone, especially before school starts around 7:20. I don’t have any “best friends” with me at school yet this year, so I have been trying to branch out a bit, but it’s really been difficult.

Anyways, that’s the quick story of me! Please comment and ask any questions that you would like! 🙂