My Saturdays have been occupied with Ready Writing UILs quite often now…I attended another UIL competition, this time at MacArthur High School on January 31, 2009. This was one of the bigger contests with a stricter competition, or so I was told by my teachers and instructors. I believe there were about 56 contestants at this Ready Writing competition, and I placed 6th. I admit this essay is the worst that I have written so far and I am really not pleased with it. I struggled with it more, and just know that it can be improved in so many ways. The topic I chose is listed followed by the essay I wrote.

“It is the art of mankind to polish the world, and everyone who works is scrubbing in some part.”
-Henry David Thoreau, The Writings of Henry David Thoreau (1906)

As time proceeds and the future becomes the past, the world is constantly changing. Mountains rise from the flat plains they once were. Oceans split apart lands, destroying continents, but creating new ones. Trees loom and fall while flowers blossom and die. The world grows and dies in a constant cycle that continues to repeat itself time and time again. Along with the world, mankind has endured time’s challenges and has changed and grown. Humanity, however, is not trapped within a cycle doomed to repeat itself. With unique individuals each working to improve his own life, culture is created and knowledge is shared to aid the development of mankind and the world. Mankind’s development has become an art, and everyone who works applies his own stroke of color.

The world itself continues to create and destroy itself while mankind continues to progress. Our cave dwellings have become wooden shacks which grew to be known as brick buildings, then evolving to tower over the Earth’s surface as gleaming skyscrapers. Inventions are constantly being upgraded with ways of life improving and expanding. Instead of recreating beauties only to become destroyed once again, as a flower will bloom, the climax of its life, before shriveling into the ground allowing room for a new plant to exist, man continues to renew what he has created and polish the world. Buildings are given facelifts, softwares are upgraded, models are renewed, and humanity is improved. To progress and mature as a whole, the old must become the new.

Humanity will never cease to progress and will always polish and refurbish the world. An intelligent presence upon the Earth, man has developed a sense of duty and responsibility to help the world improve and to create better lives for future generations. Each person plays a part and unknowingly contributes to the world’s refinement. While cities are added to maps and are brought up across the world, they could not exist without the participation of each individual. Jobs are given to improve the lives of the individuals, but also help with the upkeep of the planet. A complex system or machine cannot operate without each gear functioning properly and completing its own simple task. Although improvement cannot be accomplished by an individual alone, it cannot come about as a whole in general.

Perhaps the most complicated art form, mankind’s maturity and progression continues to expand. Human presence on the planet may never recede because of the effort, intelligence, determination, and importance of the individuals that make it up, each working to create a more refined world and help civilization develp. Nature, alone, does not possess this knowledge and culture to progress, grow, and evolve, and so it has become the duty and art of mankind to polish the world.

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