RA Class Week 1

I’ve become a resident assistant within my residence hall and part of the requirement of the job is to take an “RA Class.” As part of the class, we have to write a journal each week that pertains to what we experienced and learned in class that week.

So, here’s my first journal…

Becoming a resident assistant is a tremendous responsibility tied with many expectations and requirements, but also with rewards and benefits. The job is not for everyone as it requires responsibility, time-management, and commitment, but for those who can handle the job, they will better be prepared for the work force and will have better-honed skills and talents for when they apply for jobs. Not only will they look more prepared on their resumes, they will actually be more prepared.

Throughout this Counseling class, we have been discussing about all aspects of the job, including the benefits and expectations it comes with. Sometimes it helps to re-evaluate these to keep a clear and realistic view in mind. If an assistant’s residents ever have unfair expectations of him or her, then they will find it difficult to serve them and fulfill their needs, but the same goes when the assistant has unfair expectations for the residents. Recently, I have discovered that most resident assistants expect too much from their residents, such as reading flyers and attending events. While I wish that residents would meet the expectations I have for them, I am here to adapt to their needs and their willingness to cooperate. It is my responsibility to get a feel for my floor and its residents and to do what is necessary to meet the needs and expectations of myself, my residents, my Resident Director, my department, and my university. I know that it will be difficult, but I am fully committed and prepared to take on the challenge.

Although it will be a challenge, I look forward to conquering it and becoming a better person and employee, overall. This year, I am challenging myself to break out of my comfort zone and to really work on becoming an approachable, helpful, and social asset and resource for the residents of Tower. I know that by setting these personal goals and striving to achieve them, I will not only create a better life for my residents, but also for myself and my future. Wanting to be a teacher later in life, I am training for some of the same tasks I will need to complete further down the road. I believe that I am exactly where I need to be in life right now, and I am proud to be here.

I hope that this class continues to provide me with useable information and continues to stimulate and inspire me to be proud of my position and want to fulfill my duties. As I have mentioned, I am proud to be here and I am ready, willing, and able to work. Since this is my first real job in the world, I am prepared to accept any help that is offered and will be full of questions, comments, and concerns, constantly searching for the most effective method and best approach at every situation. I hope that by the end of this semester, this class will have better prepared me, and by the end of the year that I have served my term as best as I could have. Ultimately, I wish to retain this job through the year following and perhaps even the year after that, until I must forfeit it due to a senior year of student teaching. By then, I wish to excel through my student teaching and into professional teaching because of the preparation and practice I’ve had through being a learning community resident assistant.

This class has been helping me so far, and I hope that it continues to do so. I am looking forward to a semester full of helpful hints and useful knowledge that will help me throughout the semester, the year, the following years, and even my future.

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  1. Nick
    Nick says:

    First off I would like to say that it’s great to see you posting again! I knew that this RA position would tie up any available time you would have had to write outside your normal classes, but I had hoped that you may have been able to get a post or two. It’s cool to see you using the assignments for your RA class as the post, and I’ve wanted to read some of them just to see what you wrote about. If I was your higher up reading this, I would look forward to seeing you work. Reading this you strike me as a passionate, hard-working, motivated employee. If you had given me a paper like this when you first joined Sound Crew I probably wouldn’t tell you to go to different group xD

    • Noelle
      Noelle says:

      Yeah, I wish I hadn’t died off…The point of this blog is to write often! Oh well, at least I wrote something…or at least posted something.

      And yeah, I’ve always prided myself in being a hard-working, determined individual.


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