Through a child’s untouched eyes, life is a different view. Colors are splattered all about, bright, vibrant, unique, and colorful. Lines run in every direction leading the eye from one interesting object to the next. To children, our planet is a wondrous sight, never a bore, and intricately beautiful, but as they grow, they gradually begin to lose this sensitive awareness. As my years have passed, my appreciation for the beauty of the world around me has developed and grown, not perished. I continue to view life through the eyes of a child, innocent, creative, and filled with wonder. With a vivid imagination, I have learned to take in my observations and add to them with my own creative style. Over the years I have relied on creativity to express my interpretation of life and to express myself. My skills have improved, my knowledge has expanded, and I have allowed my talent to shine. Art is a gift not only to the artist, but also to anyone who takes in the artist’s work, viewing his gift to the world.

It is with this talent that I have found my passion. A shy, quiet, and reserved girl, I am seldom heard or noticed. My ideas find no passage through my mouth, but through my hands they flow. From the tips of my colored pencils, my paintbrushes, my pastels, come messages from my heart, hidden in colors and lines. Through my art, heads turn, feet stop, and all eyes are on me. Art allows me to be myself and to show others who I truly am. Through my art I can reach out to the world.

Art is a gift that I wish to bring alive in each person. Anyone can leave a mark on the world and everyone can add a splash of color to his life. With a little instruction, a stimulating challenge, and a driving purpose, paintbrushes can create worlds and pencils can bring paper to life. With a natural instinct to help and share my knowledge, I aim to unveil student’s eyes and help them find their own personal artistic voice. I plan to become an art teacher to help the world discover the value of art. By attending art classes in college, I will be able to sharpen my artistic talents and allow my passion to grow. By improving myself, I can later help others improve themselves, and after college, I aim to share my talents to allow students to use their own abilities to better the world and add to life’s natural beauty.

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