So, I had a day planned…but it didn’t quite go as I had planned…

First off, I had an alarm set for 9:00AM, but I usually don’t wake up early on days I don’t have classes. xD Tuesday’s my free day, and my roommate, Laura sleeps ’till at least noon everyday, so I don’t like to wake up early. lol

So when I did get out of bed, I had a day of studying ahead of me…I have an art test and color theory quiz tomorrow, a speech exam on Friday, and algebra and philosophy tests on Monday…So I really needed to study. 3 hours later, I hadn’t eaten yet and was still not done studying for my art test. I grabbed some beef and broccoli from Panda Express at Jones across the street and dove right back into my art notes again. It’s all art history stuff, so there’s quite a lot to remember and such.

I was planning on catching Despicable Me with the other Terry Scholars (Terry’s) around 9:10PM and still wanted to go to Bible Study at 8:00PM. If I only got around to studying my art, that was okay with me, but I was hoping to catch up on some Color Theory, too…

7:00 came around and it was time to pack up my Bible and head over to Chik-Fil-A for some dinner before Bible Study. Ooh…I got a chicken sandwich and it was slightly blackened…I love my food that way… 😀 It gives it a slightly crunchy, slightly smokey flavor…Yum. I was quite pleased…Then I studied my art while waiting in The Lair for Ramie and Jordan my Bible Study POD leaders to arrive along with everyone else.

Ramie and Jordan showed up around 7:35PM and went to set up in our little reserved conference room, but it was locked, so we had to wait for someone to come unlock it for us. Then we waited until 8:00, but by then…nobody was there. It was just us…so basically just me…since they lead the Bible Study. I think we waited until about 8:10, and after sending out some texts, they decided to just have a one-on-one with me, since I was the only one there. It was quite personal and I enjoyed it. They ditched their lesson plan for the day and we just talked…about being close to God and trying not to worry about things, cuz’ he’s got it all under control. As Ramie put it, we’re just a tiny speck in the giant picture of life…so it’s odd that we all tend to focus on the little details that really don’t end up mattering. We had a really good discussion and they offered me some books that I should read and such.

We began to wrap up around 8:50, which was good cuz’ I needed to head back to my dorm, The Tower, to catch up with the Terry’s to go see the movie at 9:10…But then Jordan wanted to pray…And I don’t want to hate on her for praying…We always end in prayer…but this time she had a really long prayer, and then Ramie prayed…and she had a really long one, too…and all of a sudden it was 9:05. We packed up our things and said goodbye. I started rushing out the door when Jordan called on me with a question. She asked if I wanted to have a personal lunch with her some day and asked when I was free. I would totally love to have lunch with her and I would have discussed it more, but I had to run…so we just exchanged numbers and I took off. xD

I came up the stairs to the 3rd floor huffing and puffing and turned the corner to my room. There was Monica, Jenna, Ellen, and Taylor, with Laura coming out of our room. They asked if I was coming to the movie. I’m glad I made it in time! I put down my bag, grabbed my purse thing and took off with them. Shwew! We decided to walk to the 50 Cent movie theatre because there were too many of us to fit in a car and it was only a few blocks away…We saw a giant spider, ran across a street like idiots, and walked out in front of a turning car that we didn’t see, but we made it in one piece…to find that the movie was rescheduled…to two hours before. 🙁 Sad Face.

We were all totally bummed at this point…We had all really been looking forward to seeing Despicable Me all day…but all they had at the time was Scott Pilgrim vs The World or Vampires Suck, which none of us really wanted to see at the moment….But! We made a new plan!

On the way to the theatre, we had been talking about Up, and how much we love that movie. It is super adorable and pretty funny. To a Red Box!! We just had to find one…Jenna was pretty sure the H-E-B a few blocks away had one, so we started walking there while Ellen downloaded the Red Box app to her phone to look up the nearest one. It turned out the nearest one was at the H-E-B, so we rented Up and stopped by Yo So Cool before returning to Tower.

I had never been to Yo So Cool before, but it was…cool. xD You walk in and there’s like ice cream machines with bowls. But…apparently they’re frozen yogurt machines. You fill a bowl up with whatever flavor or flavors you want, and then sprinkle anything you want on top. Since I’d never been there before and they had lots of inticing things…I put on just about everything! Lots of strawberries and kiwi…put some cookie dough, an oreo…a bit of Snickers…throw in a few chocolate pretzels and a couple of animal crackers. Can’t forget the pecans and ice cream cone bits….Yum…and guess what yogurt flavor I got? My new favorite ice cream flavor: Cake Batter. 😀 At the cash register, they just weigh your bowl, and that’s how you pay. By the time we got back to Tower, mine was all melted, though…Still good, though. 🙂

Oh, but Ellen, (who had rented the movie and was pretty much making the plans and leading the group,) proclaimed that her room wasn’t too fit for watching a movie, since her room has lofted beds…But Laura and my room is perfectly suited! I quickly volunteered our room, and Laura agreed although she was going to be studying. So we got back to Tower, changed to more comfortable clothes, and piled into my room with the carpet, and the chair, and my bed, and the pillows… 🙂 And we watched Up. And it was nice.

After tons of laughs and quotes and sad moments…the movie was over and we all returned to our rooms to study, finish homework, and sleep for our next day of classes…which is what I should do now…

Goodnight, all. 🙂

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  1. Nick
    Nick says:

    Geeze reading that made me hungry xD Sorry that the movie got rescheduled, but at least you still got to watch one. It probably worked out better because it seems like watching a movie in your room was a little more personal, and connecting I guess. I love you and I miss you, and it’s no fair that you get to have all the fun and I’m stuck here xD Say hi to everyone for me

    • Noelle M. Brooks
      Noelle M. Brooks says:

      Yeah, hanging out in the room was pretty cool…We were all kind of able to talk throughout the movie and just lounge around. Plus I got to sneak on my computer. xD And I’m sorry that you’re “stuck” in San Antonio…but there’s fun there, too… 🙂


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