It’s all thanks to my grandparents, really…

I’ve always been a very religious person, although most people don’t know it. I pray every day, turn to God with all of my problems, and am very personal when it comes to religion and how I feel about it. It’s difficult for me to talk about it because it is very personal to me, but I’m not afraid to admit that I’m a Christian.

I’m not accustomed to attending church since my family rarely did, but that hasn’t stopped me from creating a relationship with God and becoming close to Him, especially during times of distress. I can’t explain to people, exactly…

Anyways, it’s all thanks to my grandparents that I’m in 2 Bibly Study groups now…

For my high school graduation, I was given another Bible, (they give me Bibles for everything,) but this one was engraved with my name and it’s really pretty. It’s called a Life Application Bible, which is really good for me because in the past year or so I’ve really been trying to figure out how to apply God’s words to my life and live how He would want me to…I am really glad that I have my Bible now because it helps me with my uncertainties and whenever I have questions or problems.

Over the summer, I was reading my Bible a lot more often than I had before I got this new one, and I was really looking to it for advice and help. I’ll be honest and share a secret with you: I cried one night when I went on a trip this past summer and didn’t bring my Bible due to room in my suitcase.

Anyways, I was reading my Bible a lot more and with college coming up and being on my own, being able to do what I wanted to do, I was interested in joining a Church group. Even better, I figured, would be a Bible Study group…because I was really interested in studying the Bible and wasn’t used to going to church, anyways.

So I came to Texas State a little before classes started for Cat Camp, a camp that taught us the school songs and traditions and such. It was so much fun! But there was a little section where some student organizations had tables set up that we could browse. There was a table with a nice man representing the Chi-Alpha Christian Community, and the man, (I now know as Dick Herrman,) informed me that they had POD Bible Studies for guys and girls each week either on Mondays, Tuesdays, or Wednesdays. I have classes all day on Mondays and Wednesdays, but I was eager to sign up for the girls’ Bible Study on Tuesday nights. So I became a part of Chi-Alpha.

When school started, I was signing up for newsletters and Interest Meetings and stuff like that for a bunch of different organizations, but it turns out that they all have meetings on Mondays or Wednesdays, or only do things on Mondays and Wednesdays. Chi-Alpha has meetings and Bible Studies on Tuesdays and Thursdays, coincidently, my days off. 🙂

So, we’re a month into school, and I’m only in Chi-Alpha, so far…and the Terry Scholars Learning Community, if that counts, which is kind of surprising to me…That the only group I’m in is a religious group, which of course I don’t mind, I just found it a little surprising. It’s good, though. 🙂

And now…I’m in 2 Bibly Study groups. xD

This year the Terry Scholars Learning Community has joined the Mentorship Program and all of us Fresmen Terrys were assigned an Older Terry as a “mentor”. According to the rules, we have to spend at least an hour each week with our mentor, and then attend some events with them and such. My mentor is named Tessa. She’s an English major, and was kind of just like me only opposite when it came to choosing a major. She loved art and English all throughout high school and was kind of torn between the two, but unlike me in the same situation, she chose English, while I went with art.

Anyways, she told me that her and Nikki (another Older Terry mentor, who I also really liked,) lead a Study Group each Thursday night. And the funny thing is that it’s in LBJ every Thursday at 7:00, and I already go to Chi-Alpha’s in LBJ every Tuesday at 7:00. xD I would have been completely, totally interested if I wasn’t already in one, but since I was, I said that I may or may not go. It’s Thursday, and I wasn’t up to much, and I decided to go. Tessa was really glad that I showed up and I was as well. Nikki, Rachel, and Tessa, (all Older Terry Mentors) were there and we talked about baptism and our experiences being baptized.

Afterwards, we grabbed dinner at Chick-Fil-A, although I had just gone before the Bible Study and walked over to Tower with Rachel. Rachel is my roommate, Laura’s mentor and she was going to go hang out with Laura. I actually told Rachel that Laura’s kind of interested in joining a Bible Study as well, so she might want to join us next week. Rachel mentioned it to Laura and she seemed to want to attend next week.

So, next week, Laura and I might be going to Bible Study together with our Terry Mentors. 🙂

Good day. Now, I need to study some more for my Speech exam tomorrow morning… :

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  1. Nick
    Nick says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed yourself, and found something you can do with your mentor. I’m really glad you found two Bible Study groups that you like, and enjoy going to. Maybe one day you’ll start one of your own xD

      • Jordan B.
        Jordan B. says:

        No reason really, other than my curiosity. I have a Lutheran christian & a Catholic christian as friends.
        Not to mention that I don’t wish to offend you by saying something about any particular christian church just to find out that you happen to go to that particular congregation. As my imperfection and the way I worship sometimes create a biased opinion of other faiths, and I’m working on not letting that affect my judgement of others.


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