Today was going pretty smoothly I think…

I woke up just an hour later than my alarm, (which is fine because I set it for 2 hours before class,) because I had a nightmare that kept me up last night around 4:00AM and had already gone to sleep a little later than usual because of last night’s Movie Night. xD But, that wasn’t really that odd, or anything.

I rode my bike to the Academic Services Building to eat breakfast at The Den. I found that that’s my new favorite breakfast stop because it’s got Einstein Bros. Bagels, which I’ve never had before but tried on Monday and was really good, plus they’ve got the usual Pop-Tarts, cereal, breakfast foods, but my all-time favorite: donuts! They also have Main Street Grille breakfast foods, but I haven’t tried them yet. Anyways, I grabbed my usual chocolate milk and glazed donut and ate at my usual table…if you can call it that…I’ve sat there like 2 or 3 times.

I also like eating at The Den in the morning because when I’m done, I can just walk up one story, (unless I’m already on the 2nd floor) and take this kind of hidden elevator to class. I have class in Old Main, which is on the top of a pretty big hill. There’s a killer load of stairs to get to Old Main no matter what direction you’re coming from. The ASB Buildings are at the bottom of that hill, but there’s an elevator that connects to the Lampasas Building at the top of the hill. It’s pretty cool. They call it the ASB 5th and 6th floors, but there’s really nothing there. The elevator doors open, and it’s just an outdoor hall that connects to the Lampasas Building’s Floors 1 and 2. If I’ve got stuff to print out, I can stop by the 6th/2nd Floor to get to the Lampasas Honors Computer Lab. (Yay for being an Honors student! :D) Otherwise, (like today,) I can just connect to the 5th/1st Floor, walk from the ASB Building into Lampasas, right out the door and to the left into the Old Main building. All stairs avoided. xD Believe me…if I take the stairs, I’ll be gasping for air by the time I get to my classroom (which is on the 2nd floor of Old Main by the way.) If the elevator next to the hill goes up 6 stories, and I have to climb another on top of that…that’s 7 stories of stairs. So I don’t feel too bad about copping out. lol

Anyways, I went to Speech, then to Seminar, ate lunch at Commons, and headed to the Alkek Library for my College Algebra class. After algebra, it was time for Color Theory. This is the only part of my day that I really have to rush a little…My algebra class lets out at 1:50PM and my Color Theory class starts at 2:00PM…and it’s pretty far from the library…You can barely get there in 10 minutes walking…But I have a bike, so I don’t have to really worry about that anymore… 😀 So, class let out, I went to the bike rack, unlocked my bike, put on my helmet, and pulled my bike out of the rack…only…the front tire didn’t want to come with me… D: Yeah, the front tire of my bike just came right off…just like that.

I knew it was from the missing screw or nut or bolt or whatever you call it I noticed the other day…But at the moment, there was nothing I could do, so I spent a few minutes positioning the frame back onto the wheel and just kind of letting my weight keep the wheel in place. xD I rode to Color Theory, and locked it up, where the wheel popped off again, and came into the classroom huffing and puffing (from the bike ride, my super heavy art supplies, and the overall frustration with my wheel. I had also been rushing.)

Today, Colin Beavan, author of No-Impact Man, the Summer Reading “Common Experience” for all Texas State University freshmen was speaking at the Strahan Coliseum at 7:00PM. I would have liked to attend, and was actually required for my University Seminar class, but was unable because I had my Introduction to Fine Arts class today and we had a big test that I couldn’t miss. My Color Theory professor really wanted to hear him speak, however, and knew that the freshmen were required to go anyways, so she was going to let her next class out early enough to attend. To be fair, she let our class early, too…So we got out around 4:00PM instead of 5:00PM today, which was pretty awesome because I needed extra time to study for my Arts test.

I struggled with my bike once more, zoomed down a really steep hill and found that my brakes are now in even worse condition, and made it to Tower in one piece. xD Laura was home, which was unusual, but I remembered that I was home an hour earlier than I usually am. I just dropped off my Color and Math supplies, grabbed my Arts materials and headed out again. I went back to The Den for dinner because my Arts class is in the ASB building, ate quickly, and went to class about an hour and a half early to do some extra studying.

With my test, I feel I did pretty well…Geeze, the class was so full! I didn’t know that we had so many people in that class! There’s never that many people there. xD Our professor was handing out tests, but ran out, so she had to go to her office across campus, (in the same building as my Color Theory class, and we were even further from the library,) but the test had a section where we had to identify what was on slides that she was going to show on the projector, so we had to wait for her. But, of course, there was a wreck and she got caught up in traffic. Those of us who had the test, completed all of the parts that we could by ourselves (Multiple Choice/True or False.) Those who were late and didn’t have tests…too bad for them. xD Anyways, she returned about 40 minutes later, showed us the slides, (some of the questions were so easy that I could tell what the slide was going to be before she even showed the picture just by the answer choices,) we finished within 5 minutes (those of us who had our tests already,) and were allowed to leave, at about 7:30PM instead of 9:20PM. 🙂 Out of about 75 questions, there were only about 15 that I had any uncertainties on. Otherwise, I know I got at least 60 right. For all the studying I did for this test, I better have gotten a good grade.

So, I was turning in my test when I heard a “Hey!”, looked up, and saw Brittany there. I hadn’t seen her since the Austin trip. She was headed to Alkek for a Biology Study Group, and I was headed back to Tower, not too far across the street, so we walked together, just chatting about the test, and upcoming tests, and studying and such. She said that we should hang out some time. 🙂 I’d love to do that.

So, now I’m back at Tower…There’s people here now…but there wasn’t anybody when I started this post because they were all at the Colin Beavan thing. I felt lonely and quiet here all alone. xD Tomorrow, I don’t have any classes, so I’m going to study for my Speech exam on Friday, and I don’t know what I’ll be doing this weekend…

Guess I should do something about my broken bike.


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  1. Nick
    Nick says:

    Sorry to hear about your bike :, maybe if I come up anytime soon I can take a look at it, and head to a store to get what I need to fix it, unless you can fix it before then. Until then, just try and be safe : You’re going to make me worry about you

    • Noelle M. Brooks
      Noelle M. Brooks says:

      lol That’s kind of what some random dude said to me.
      When I was at the library trying to get my bike’s wheel back on, my bike was taking up one of the bike stand rings, and a guy pulled up on his bike. I could tell that he was waiting on me. I apologized and said I’d be done in a second; I was just trying to get my wheel back on because I had lost a screw or something. He told me that really wasn’t safe and that I probably shouldn’t be riding it. I agreed and said I was just riding it to Color Theory because I had to be there in about 5 minutes, and I wasn’t going to ride it after that. As I started riding away, he told me to be careful and stay safe. He sounded really concerned.

      • Nick
        Nick says:

        Well yeah, I mean that’s really dangerous. If the wheel comes off while you’re riding, you could face plant into the pavement, doing whatever speed you’re riding at. Or the wheel could wobble and send you into traffic 🙁 Not cool….


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