Ellone's Reference Sheet

Ellone’s Reference Sheet

I feel like I am a complex individual with a lot of different elements to my personality, my thoughts, and my emotions. Because of this and my drive to create art, I tend to express different aspects about myself through creative means. With my writing abilities and artistic talents, I’ve created original characters that have grown and matured as I have. I’ve used these characters throughout the years to say what I need to say, emphathize with my feelings, and help me express myself. For many of these characters, I create websites for them, uploading various artworks of them and writing life stories about them. Several of these characters personify certain aspects of myself, exaggerating that aspect to help me understand it, but only one represents myself as a whole.

Rearranging the letters in my name, I created Ellone, my fursona. Many animal artists tend to use the word “fursona” to describe a character that they use to represent their persona. This word, a mash-up of “fur” and “persona” tends to represent an animal stand-in for one’s self. I consider Ellone an original character, though unlike my other characters, she does not have a website or a life story because she simply represents myself. She shares my personality, quirks, likes, dislikes, and basically anything else about me.

Ellone is a pretty special character of mine. She should be since she’s basically me. I draw her quite often to express how I’m feeling or if I just want someone to draw. If someone ever wants to make my day, they can draw a picture of Ellone to make me feel special.

Ellone is a ranched fox, meaning she was born on a ranch and bred for a specially-colored coat. She is a platinum red fox, meaning she is basic red fox with white stockings, a white collar, and a white stripe on her face. She has other unusual and unique markings, as well. One of her most recognizable markings is the set of three dots arranged on her left shoulder. These dots are actually three freckles that are in that same size and arrangement on my left shoulder.

Ellone is a special part of myself, allowing me to express what I’m feeling through my favorite subject, animals. As my favorite animal, she represents certain qualities about myself and can even help me understand myself better. I love Ellone and hold her as a special part of myself.

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