Photograph by: Goodwin-Frazier Elementary School

Photograph by: Goodwin-Frazier Elementary School

I feel like I really don’t have much to report again. Because of the Talent Show this Friday, today was another Talent Show practice day in which the music teacher called all of the students to the gym during their Specials (music, gym, library, and art) time. She then took the students who are performing in the Talent Show to the stage to practice with them and the rest of the students participated in a gym day which the gym teacher, my cooperating teacher, and I managed.

Yesterday the gym teacher had all of the students run 6 laps around the track before they were allowed to play with the various gym stations. Today she increased the number to 7 laps and told the students that they would be running 8 laps tomorrow and 10 laps on Thursday. She explained that 10 laps make up a mile. I thought it was interesting that she was expecting the same thing from every single grade level. The 5th Grade students are running the same amount of laps as the kindergarten students. I am also wondering how the younger students will deal with the increased laps because yesterday I had a kindergarten student who didn’t finish her 6 laps before the end of class. Will the students be able to run 10 laps before the end of class and still have time for the stations?

This is an incredibly short reflection, but I really don’t have anything else to say. I watched students run laps and play with toys. It was the same thing as yesterday and every other Friday here at Goodwin-Frazier Elementary School.

I’m not looking forward to doing this two more times this week.

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