The Club: My Chapter 3 – Executing a Plan

“Dad,” I started with an embarrassed tone in my voice as I approached him in the living room. The TV was sputtering out current events of missing people and politics in the background, my dad intently watching.

“What’s up?” he asked, slightly turning his head.

“It’s a full moon tomorrow…” I started, always embarassed to remind him.

“Oh…yeah…” He paused for a bit. “What are you going to do this time?”

“I think I’m going to go far out again. Out into the farmland, you know, where no one is.”

“Oh, okay…” He replied with a sigh, always upset that I had to leave the house because of my “problem,” but he understood. I didn’t want to hurt anybody, escpecially not my family. The best thing for me to do was to leave and become isolated until the moon had passed.

Later that night, I found myself lying in my bed, sleep not coming to me as usual. All of the stress and problems were bearing down on me and I felt that I couldn’t take it anymore. I wanted to get rid of it all. I wanted to shed all of life’s troubles. I wished that I wasn’t like this. Why did I have to be such a violent creature, a mindless killer… I just wanted to be normal, a normal person without any troubles. I knew that would never happen though, and I knew that it was impossible. I would always be like this…

The following afternoon, I glanced to the clock once more. The nervousness continued to rise within me as I read 3:48. Jeremy told me to meet him at the gate at 4:30, but I couldn’t wait any longer. I grabbed a backpack and went upstairs out of my basement bedroom. “Hey, Dad, I’m leaving.”

“What? It’s not even 4:00 yet…” he stated, confused.

“Yeah, but I’m going to walk down to the Shoppette to pick up a snack or something, first,” I lied.

“Oh, okay…You got your I.D.?”

“Yeah, of course I do,” I snapped, poking my front right pocket.

“You’ve got your change of clothes, right?” he asked, making sure that I was fully prepared.

“Of course I do, Dad. It’s all in my backpack.”

“Your extra large shirt and some huge shorts?”

“Yes, I know what to do, Dad,” I groaned, annoyed with his overprotection.

“Okay, well be back…” he paused forgetting that I wasn’t just going out with some friends or something, “whenever…”

“Yeah, I’ll be back around 8:00 or so tomorrow morning. Good night, Dad.”

“Yeah, whatever…Be safe. Make sure you go far out.”

“I know, I will…See yah’ later.”

“Okay, see yah’,” I heard him say just as I opened the garage door and left.

I walked across the front lawn and started down the sidewalk towards the front gate of the air base. It was kind of far from my house, but I walked this way many times before. I had gone through so many transformations…so many memories…so many nightmares…

Minutes later, I approached the front gate and walked out past the guards. The sidewalk had ceased and I was now walking upon grass, continuing on until I reached the highway. I wasn’t exactly sure where I was to meet Jeremy and I didn’t even know what type of car he had. Nervously, I glanced at my watch on my left wrist. “4:20, I’ve still got about ten minutes,” I said to myself as I looked around the ground before sitting in the blades of browning grass. I pulled my navy Magic Pens hoodie closer around myself and stared up at the sky. I still hadn’t decided what I was going to do at the party. It would be dark around 7:00 or so and I didn’t even know how long the dinner would last. I thought that I might be able to excuse myself early, or maybe just leave. I still didn’t know, but for some reason, I felt that I really needed to be there.

Staring down at my feet with my arms arched over my bent knees, I continued to replay scenarios in my head. “I’ll just have to work it out somehow,” I finally said in conclusion. When I returned my glance to the highway, I found that a white van was pulling over to where I rested in the grass. I checked the driver’s seat and found Jeremy behind the wheel with his brother, Jordan, in the passenger seat to his right. I quickly came to my feet and brushed the grass from my jeans before walking up to the vehicle. “Hey! You ready?” Jeremy asked, rolling down his window.

“Yeah,” I replied, throwing my backpack over my shoulder. “Should I just…” I somewhat asked, mentioning to the back door. Not really knowing what kind of reply I was even expecting, I grabbed the handle to the van’s back door and pulled it open before stepping into the vehicle. I placed my backpack on the floorboards beside my feet and rested on the dark blue of the van’s back seats. Jeremy then made a quick turn around and returned to the highway, heading towards the bed and breakfast.

I was going…with a full moon…against my father’s wishes.

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