I found myself darting through the wheat covered fields of North Dakota upon my four, long legs with the long, shaggy fur that sprouted from my skin blowing in the wind as I traveled. It felt a little odd to be running with my head about a foot from the ground and my unusually lengthy forearms curving below my body past my back feet as I sprinted. I was no longer a human, or at least in a human form. I was now an animal, and I could not control my thoughts, or my actions…

My thoughts were not my own as one subject remained in my mind. Blood…blood…blood… The word repeated itself in my mind in rhythm with my bounds. I realized that I was emitting a low, savage growl as I ran that seemed to mix with my heavy panting. Why couldn’t I control myself?

I did not know what my goals were or where I was heading but my body continued on farther than I could ever run at once before and the determination drove me on. My heart ached inside my furry chest as it pounded the blood through my new veins, trying to supply as much oxygen to my cells as it could and my lungs burned from the rapid exchange of air. The pads of my paws were scratched from the rough ground and I could feel the cool trickle of blood splatter across my feet as it seeped from the scratches.

Just minutes after I had begun my unusual trip, following the highway, I recognized the blue sign to my right that welcomed me to Minot. As I read the words of the sign, I was reminded of my family back at home. “Proud Home of Minot Air Force Base” What would they do if they knew who I was? What would anybody do if they knew who I really was? I felt outcasted as my body ignored myself and continued on.

Soon, under the light of the full, red moon overhead, I found a set of railroad tracks before me. Without taking any time to think, I turned onto the tracks and began to follow them, wherever they may lead. What was I doing? Where was I going? As I ran, my feet pounding onto the wooden planks beneath me, I saw a figure off in the distance. Instincts instantly came over me as my speed instantly increased and my long, pink tongue flailed out the side of my mouth. My mouth twisted into a snarling smile, displaying my many teeth as I felt the claws at the end of my fur-covered fingers quiver and twitch nervously. There was a strange sensation that passed through my spine, causing the hair on my back to stand on end.

Oh no, not this…I know this feeling. I know it too well. This is the feeling of death, the feeling of-

Blood…blood…blood… There was no control. I had no control. My body continued. My thoughts disappeared. My mind was determined. Blood…blood…blood… Just then, I drew close enough to see the person who was standing in the distance. With my vision keener due to my transformation, I spotted him before he spotted me. It could not be, could it? Of course it could, but why did it have to be? Why did this coincidence have to happen at this moment? Why did fate have to twist life to cause this string of events to happen? This moment which would result in his death…

I recognized the tall figure to be that of Isaac, a member of my writing club, Magic Pens, and I suddenly felt dreadfully sorry for the terrible act that I was about to commit. Using the last of my willpower, I was able to close my eyes and truly feel sorry. For a moment, my thoughts strayed from that of a ravenous, bloodthirsty wolf and became my own once more. They were more emotional, more human. But only for a second.

Blood…blood…blood… The last of my human thoughts were quickly shoved aside as I came to a stop, now stalking my unfortunate prey. He had not noticed me, giving me the advantage over him as I crept closer, my eyes strictly set on him. I began to rise upon my two hind legs, revealing my true height as I approached him and felt the saliva drip from the side of my mouth before running down my furry chest. Blood…blood…blood… He was mine. He was my prey. He was going to die. I was going to kill him. I was going to feast. Blood…blood…blood…

Driving all of the force from my powerful body, I swung the back of my hand across Isaac’s head as he had just realized that I was there. I watched his expression widen with fear and astonishment before sprawling across the snow-covered ground. Pounce…pounce…pounce… The instincts that controlled me commanded me to attack and I listened without any hesitation. I was no longer myself. I was stolid. I had no feelings. I did not care. I wanted to kill him. I wanted to end Isaac’s life. I wanted his blood.

I was caught by surprise as the cold bite of snow met with my face. Isaac had rolled to the side to evade my attack and took out a gun from the sack over his shoulder. Quickly shaking the white powder from my face, I leaned back on my hind legs as he pulled the trigger of his gun. I bore no fear. I knew that he could not hurt me. I was invincible, but he didn’t know that. I smiled with satisfaction as I watched him frantically pull the trigger. There was no sound following each pull. He had forgotten to take the safety off, giving me the chance to attack. Once more, I exerted all of my strength into a single force as I pushed my claws into his shoulders, swiping him to the snow below. I panted heavily from the battle, emitting a cloudy haze of condensation from the warmth of my breath meeting with the cold nip of the frigid air. My breaths washed over his frightened face as I drew my gleaming teeth closer and closer to his vulnerable neck. Blood…blood…blood… I was finally going to get what I had been quenching for.

Suddenly, I heard myself shriek into the night as I was thrown back into the snow. I jumped to my feet and shook the snow from my fur as the warm feeling of blood washed over my chest. Glancing down, I noticed that Isaac had shot a whole clip into me, penetrating through my furry skin. He thought that this would stop me? Did he seriously think that a few bullets were going to stop me from killing him? I snarled in his direction to stir up his wits before I turned and dashed the other way, howling out to the moon. I planned to fool Isaac and return when he didn’t expect it. I wasn’t going to give up. I was going to get him. I was going to get his blood. No matter what, I was going to kill him.

Just then, I found myself bounding across a road with a bright light flashing in my eyes. I turned my head just in time to find a car coming down the street. Just my luck. In a flash, my wolf-like instincts caused me to launch off of my back legs and land upon the hood of the car. Losing my balance from the sudden turn of events, I found myself falling off of the vehicle as it skidded and rolled into the ditch beside the road. I was thrown from the hood of the car and landed upon my four feet before darting to the overturned car to check it out. There was a familiar scent that I couldn’t quite place. Intrigued, I began to sniff around the driver’s side before I felt the shock of two more bullets throw me back into the snow again. Stupid Isaac…

I heard a creak of metal as the car door was opened, and then heard Isaac’s voice. “Gifford?!”


As if I had transformed back into my human form, I suddenly regained my emotional, human-like thoughts. There were two Magic Penians here… No, this can’t be. I don’t want to kill them! I don’t want to hurt them! Why do they have to be here? Why does it have to be them? I pulled myself from the ground with a sorrowful look in my eye before a new feeling overcame me. Once again, I was no longer myself. My feelings did not matter anymore. My thoughts were no more. There was but one word in my head… Blood…

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  1. Mr. G
    Mr. G says:

    Nice combination of inhuman impulses and conflicted thoughts. I liked it.

    Be careful in action sequences of your phrasing: Isaac had rolled to the side to evade my attack, causing me to land in the snow It seems awkward.

  2. Eisek
    Eisek says:

    Yay! all the little details match. I checked.

    Some of the action in the middle seems confused, though, but maybe it should be. Now both of us have caught up to Mr. Gifford. One little thing I don’t know if I liked though; the ‘technical descriptions’ toward the beginning. That’s just a style difference, though. Like, I would have probably just said ‘air’ instead of ‘oxygen’. Small things.

    But it’s good. Let’s keep it up!

  3. Isaque
    Isaque says:

    Hmm. I thought Mr. Gifford’s story had ‘him’ swerving away from ‘you’, so I made sure that I didn’t have ‘him’ hit ‘you’.

    I’m having fun with these pronouns….

  4. Hannah
    Hannah says:



    That was good I didn’t like it as much as the first chapter, though…

    Your site lags so bad… I can hardly type without going .00000000001mph.

  5. Noelle M. Brooks
    Noelle M. Brooks says:

    I had your version, Isaac, and Mr. Gifford’s open up in different windows as I wrote mine and tried to keep every detail the same. (I am pretty picky about that sort of stuff.) One problem I ran into was that Mr. Gifford said I jumped on the car, while you said that the car swerved and overturned. I think I made it where both versions seemed correct…


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