Chapter 6: The Painful Chase

It was one of those times. Lilly’s parents were caught in another argument that had driven the small child to the comfort of her corner. Her face was wet with tears and her eyes were red from continuous crying. She grasped the fur from Shep’s neck and buried her face in it. Shep did not mind this childish act, as he loved Lilly with all of his heart and he did not like to see her saddened. He was there to bring comfort to her, and to help her through the troublesome times. He felt a strange disturbance within her parents’ fights recently however. They had lasted longer, were much louder, and had sent her father storming out of the house on many occasions. Why was this, Shep thought to himself. Why did humans have to fill others with hatred and anger? He didn’t see the point.

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Chapter 2

Petra! Papa, Petra is the place that we are to travel to! We must leave now!” I argued. “He came to me once more! The angel, sent by God, appeared in my dream again last night!

“Is this the truth, my Namir?” he asked, not convinced.

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Chapter 1

It came to me in a dream as its magnificent glory stunned me. Why had this marvelous being chosen me? I was of no importance. I was just a poor young man of about ten and seven living with my mother and father in the small village of Ibleen. My family had been one of the lucky few that had survived the first few attacks from the invading Qurks. They had come before, stealing people to mine for copper and leaving us to wait for our chosen date in fear. The life had been drained from my village and the small roads lay still and quiet. We sat waiting, unsure of what to do or where to go. There was nowhere for us to go. Ibleen was located near a small oasis out in the Jordan Desert, and there is no civilization or water for miles around. We were trapped there to wait for the end…

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Chapter 5: A Life of Happiness

Shep watched as the fluffy clouds rolled by in the sky. He was sitting in the back seat of a small car, driving down the large highway, watching the passing scenery. Lilly sat beside him, grasping his collar tightly in her hand as she stared out the other window. Shep thought of what this new life was to be like. He had escaped his prison, but he was not sure of where he was going to next.

He might be heading for a new prison.

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Chapter 4: A New Face

Shep sat in his lonely cage with thoughts rolling in his head. He stared at his brown paws, finally tired of tearing at the door of his cage and continued to wonder why he was unable to control the anger that burned within him. What was happening to him? He observed the other dogs at all times. When alone, some dogs would sleep; some think, and others play within their confined space. During feeding time, most would sit and wait until the man was finished and had relocked their cage before eating, some would immediately rush to their food bowl and start eating from it before it was even full, while the more aggressive ones would try to make the man’s hand a part of their meal.

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Chapter 3: The Capture


“They are coming…Just wait.”

“Oh, I just can’t wait!”

“I know. To see if all our hard work has paid off. This is just too exciting!”


“Not quite. Almost…”

“I am getting goose bumps all-”

“They’re in!”

“What? Really? Let me see!”

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Chapter 2: City Trouble

Shep tugged at the collar that was wrapped tightly around his neck. He tried to remember anything of his life, but nothing came to him. Who had put this annoying collar on him? Without claws, he was unable to tear it off and gave up with a sigh. The sun had just hit the horizon casting a pink and purple glow over the sky. Hunger quickly nagged at his mind, urging him to travel to the city and away from the forest. For some reason though, there was a strange feeling that passed over him when he entered the woods. He felt…home almost. Ignoring the feeling, he rose to his feet and looked behind to the forest once more.

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Chapter 1: Instincts Arising

Looking up at the bright full moon looming overhead, Shep tried to remember as far back as he could. Resting all four of his tired paws, he sat on the vast, grassy hill that overlooked the bustling city below. He wasn’t sure why, but there was nothing there. Part of his mind was missing…gone…lost. Why couldn’t he recall anything? Small pieces of his memory seemed to float by his mind, just out of reach, the same as how a dream taunts its waker throughout the day, feeding enough images to catch your interest, then snatching them away. What happened to him, and why was he here?

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