It was one of those times. Lilly’s parents were caught in another argument that had driven the small child to the comfort of her corner. Her face was wet with tears and her eyes were red from continuous crying. She grasped the fur from Shep’s neck and buried her face in it. Shep did not mind this childish act, as he loved Lilly with all of his heart and he did not like to see her saddened. He was there to bring comfort to her, and to help her through the troublesome times. He felt a strange disturbance within her parents’ fights recently however. They had lasted longer, were much louder, and had sent her father storming out of the house on many occasions. Why was this, Shep thought to himself. Why did humans have to fill others with hatred and anger? He didn’t see the point.

As Shep contemplated over the current situation, the argument worsened below him. He could hear the yells and screams of both parents as they foolishly fought between each other. It had never been this bad before. Suddenly, Lilly’s bedroom door was forced open as her mother emerged through it. “Come Lilly,” she started as she glanced to the crying girl in the corner. “We are leaving.” Shep noticed the tears on the woman’s face, yet did not understand the words she had spoken. What was happening? Lilly’s mother walked to her and grasped her tiny hand with a firm grip. She pulled her to her feet, pushing Shep aside to the floor. Lilly was suddenly wisped away from her beloved dog as her mother took her from the room.

Shep ran down the staircase after them, still in bewilderment. The mother raced down the stairs and opened the front door of the home. Leaving it open, she rushed outside. Shep witnessed Lilly’s father running after them also, with his hands outstretched. He stopped in the open doorway. “Wait! Where are you taking her? Where are you taking my daughter?” he yelled after the mother, in both sadness and fury. After placing her daughter in the back seat of the small car sitting in the driveway, the mother turned to her husband with a scowl on her angry face. “I am filing a divorce! I will not expose Lilly to these fights any longer.” With her quick lash, she turned from him in anger and entered the car.

Shep was not given much warning as the happiness was stolen from his soul. He could feel his very life slipping from him as Lilly was taken away from him. Where was she going? Why must she go? Questions raced through his head without any answers to follow. He did not understand the situation, and was confused why she was leaving without him. He ran out the door knocking over the father with his immense strength, as he placed his paws on the window nearest the girl. He peered through the dim glass of the window and noticed the fear and sorrow expressed through Lilly’s big, blue eyes as she placed her hands upon his. Her usual smile was hidden under a blanket of sadness as they exchanged their final farewells to each other. Tears continued to stream down her face as she called out her dog’s name. “Shep, Shep! Shep, don’t leave me! Come with me Shep! Come! I don’t want to leave you!” She too did not want to leave her dear friend and companion. Shep could not understand what his owner was saying; yet he heard the emotion through her voice. He could tell what she was feeling, and he felt the same in reply. She took one last look at her pet before the car pulled from the driveway and drove down the street.

As the dog was knocked to the driveway below from the sudden movement of the vehicle, a howl rose up from the depths within him. He howled to the sky above in sorrow until a new feeling came about. He was furious as he felt the fire that had lied dormant within for so many years relight once more. Rage burned in his heart as a horrid, grimace spread from ear to ear. He emitted a low growl as his legs began to twitch and his fur started to bristle. He couldn’t just sit here and do nothing, he thought. He had to do something to prevent this. He could not let this happen. With deep loyalty, he began to sprint down the slope of the driveway, unwillingly. He realized that he was losing control over his body. Why was this happening? His muscles moved themselves as he bounded after his target. The fur on his back stood on end as his heart pumped the hot blood through his veins forcefully. There was a soft patter as his paws met with the road for quick instances and he increased his speed. His face bore a snarl as he easily caught up with the car that was stealing his pride and joy away.

The mother did not notice the dog that was running alongside her vehicle, along with her small child. The animal was low to the ground, hidden from their view. Shep ran full of force with the car as it drove down the street. There was something inside of him that was enabling him to keep up so powerfully. There had to be, as no normal dog could run so swiftly. The determination that raged through his mind was enough to make him believe that he could do anything. He knew what he must do.

He would get Lilly back no matter what.

In fury, he decided to pounce upon the car. He did so, yet missed and began to tumble on the road. His body began to ache as it pounded on the hard surface below him. Picking himself up without missing a step, he darted off again at full speed, despite the scratches that had appeared all over him. He lashed at the car once more and hit the side of the tire in pain. Again, he was sent skidding into the road behind. He picked himself up and winced from the terrible pain that trickled through his body. A large gash had appeared across his face as blood began to drip into his eyes. His nose was ripped open, creating enough pain to bring him down.

He lay helplessly for a few seconds as he thought of this horrible event. What was he doing? He was letting it happen! He had to get up. He must get up! In an instant he had tore through the barrier of pain and started to sprint down the road once more. His heart pumped vigorously as the pain surged through him. He ached and felt the desire to stop, but he could not. Catching up to the small vehicle once more, he planned his next attack.

As he ran on the wrong side of the road, chasing the vehicle, his determination blinded him from anything but his goal. Time seemed to stop as a car horn blared loudly. He turned his head from the car to his right to find another car directly ahead of him. In seconds, he met with the vehicle, head on and was stopped in his tracks. Pain exploded through his body as he was swept onto his side, lying on the rough surface of the road. The pain that he felt was excruciating as blood spilled from his scratches and gashes. His muscles were joyful to have stopped the vigorous running, yet felt as if they were burning. His lungs gasped for air as nothing came to him. He could hear the heartbeat echo through his mind loudly. Was this his end? Was this the way fate had planned it?

Shep watched helplessly as Lilly was harshly snatched from his life forever. He watched her small car drive out of his view as his eyelids became heavy. The pain was beginning to sweep over him. He didn’t care how bad it was. It couldn’t get much worse. Slowly, his vision faded from view.

Destiny had done its bidding.


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  1. Jared
    Jared says:

    Sad :(… I think that parents shouldn’t fight… It’s just_wrong…I think u post the other story and then the horse 2-1

    PS I think shep will end up in a different lab

  2. Hannah
    Hannah says:

    I like it ALOT. Like I said before, I’ve always liked the little innocent blue-eyed girl touch alot. Lol.

    But this sounded a bit repeptetive to me: “…being taken from him as Lilly was being taken away from him.”


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