Shep tugged at the collar that was wrapped tightly around his neck. He tried to remember anything of his life, but nothing came to him. Who had put this annoying collar on him? Without claws, he was unable to tear it off and gave up with a sigh. The sun had just hit the horizon casting a pink and purple glow over the sky. Hunger quickly nagged at his mind, urging him to travel to the city and away from the forest. For some reason though, there was a strange feeling that passed over him when he entered the woods. He felt…home almost. Ignoring the feeling, he rose to his feet and looked behind to the forest once more.

The city was not far away and Shep arrived when the sun had passed the horizon just reaching noon. The tall buildings that towered over him like trees in a forest astounded him as he passed by them with the feeling of claustrophobia. The city was chaotic! Large vehicles honked and whizzed by him, brushing his fur back with the gust that followed and people seemed to crowd around every sidewalk, not noticing him keeping low to the shadows of the alleyways. Slowly creeping along, he searched for any hint of food. His nose picked up a strong scent. He followed it through the back ways of the city and it led him to the back of a restaurant. The smell of cooking meat filled his nostrils and lifted his spirits although he knew that he would only get the scraps of it. The scent taunted him as he forced himself to the dumpster not far away.

Shep sat in front of the large, green trash can and inhaled deeply. He turned and looked at the restaurant again as his tongue lapped out of his mouth in desperation. Oh, how he wanted a nice steak! Returning his eyes to the unpleasant odor of the dumpster, he then leaped onto a pile of crates that rested beside the large, metal can with his strong back legs. He unpleasantly stared at the trash that greeted his eyes until his head instantly turned away. The smell was strong enough to make his eyes water and he wished that he could just leave this alley. He knew however, that this was the only place that people would allow him to eat from. He was better than this. Shep knew in his mind that he deserved better than scraps left from the mouth of a human. This was torture for him… After the sick feeling passed inside him, Shep finally reached into the dumpster with his paws and tore out a large garbage bag. Throwing it to the ground below him, he then jumped down from the box which he stood from and slashed open the bag with his teeth. He instantly gagged at the smell and sight of the bag’s contents. He wondered if his stomach would even let him keep down any of the garbage he was about to eat. He had a bad taste in is mouth as he lowered his long snout to sniff throughout the pile and find something that was at least bearable.

After eating a few, disgusting scraps from the heap of trash, Shep felt as if he was going to be sick. He quickly turned from the horrible pile and ran out of the alleyway and into the open street. Gagging repeatedly, he started to wonder what he was to do next. He began to walk down the street along the sidewalk that bordered its side. If he could not remember what he was doing before, then how was he to figure out what to do now? His life seemed so empty. Both his past and future were missing…

Suddenly as Shep was innocently strutting down the sidewalk, a large, ugly cat ran in front of him from an alleyway to his right. The cat screeched as it passed him and ran across the street dodging passing cars that tried to avoid wrecking. Shep was caught by surprise when a man came from the alley, chasing the feline. He was dressed in overalls and an over-sized shirt and equipped a net in both hands. When the man spotted Shep, he instantly forgot the matted cat that he had been chasing and quickly snatched his collar in his hands, dropping the net to the ground with a clang. Shep acted fast and whipped his neck to the side, trying to throw the man’s hand off of him, but the man was obviously trained as he had grabbed his lower hips and had swiftly kneed him in the side. Shep felt his life slip away from him as he slowly fell to the ground and the world faded away.

He felt very cold as he shivered and ruffled his fur. He had no sight, as blackness met his eyes, and all was silent. His tall ears listened intently, however no sound was heard. He then heard a voice…


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  1. Jared
    Jared says:

    6 paragraphs again? Do u have a theme going? I think ur chatching on to the cliffhanger gig also. And I like the way u gave Shep a sentient feel,

  2. Desirae
    Desirae says:

    I am liking this ^.^ Still dont exactly understand what species Shep is… I kind of have a guess, but nothing definante. I am thinking that will be revealed in the next part though =3 Anyway, awsome job ^.^ Keep up the good work!

  3. Bret
    Bret says:

    Hey I just read part 2!!
    Man you write AWESOME stories.
    Can you give me a few (or a lot) of pointers on my “What Details?!?!” post?
    That would totally rock!

    Going to read part 3 now!!!


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