“They are coming…Just wait.”

“Oh, I just can’t wait!”

“I know. To see if all our hard work has paid off. This is just too exciting!”


“Not quite. Almost…”

“I am getting goose bumps all-”

“They’re in!”

“What? Really? Let me see!”

Shep moaned as he awoke from his drowsy sleep. His side ached from where he had impact with the ground and there was a bad taste left in his mouth. His stomach gurgled from hunger and sickness from his last meal in the dumpster. How long had he been out?

As far back as he could remember he was sitting atop the hill overlooking the city below. He paced back over his encounter with the mouse in the forest, then his travel to the city. He had an unpleasant meal in the alley, then… the cat! There was a man with a net. He had been captured! His memory was slowly beginning to come to him. Captured… Humans had once again captured Shep. He could feel it within him. This was not his first time in human captivity.

Shep paused as he heard footsteps up the long, bright corridor. Everything in this place was so shiny that he blinked his dark brown eyes repeatedly. His senses began to function again as his mind started to awaken more. There were cages lining the walls of the hall with many dogs in them. Dogs of all breeds were howling, barking, sleeping, and thinking to themselves. He observed around him and noticed that he too was in a cage with a food and water bowl to his right; both empty. What was this place? Why were there so many dogs collected here? Shep was full of curiosity and wonder.

Two men walked down the corridor and stopped in front of his cage. One man he recognized to be his capturer, still wearing overalls and a white T-shirt. Shep did not spot his net however. The other man was unknown to him. He was a little taller than the man who had captured him, and he wore a light brown suit. He was twiddling a pen within his fingers as he turned to the man beside him and asked, “Is this the dog that you captured?”
“Yes,” answered the younger man.


“Looks to be a pure-breed German shepherd to me, Sir.”

“Hmm, that collar. Does he have a name, an owner?” the taller man asked soon realizing that this dog may already be owned.

“The collar reads ‘Shep’. That is all. No address or nuthin’.” replied the second person. “Who knows if he was abandoned, or escaped? He does look a bit skinny, although he doesn’t seem to have lost any muscle mass.”

“I can clearly see that,” replied the man in the suit with a bit of annoyance.

Shep felt a fiery feeling within him, and he was unsure of where it was coming from or why. It seemed to be a part of him in some way, however he had no control over it. He felt hot-tempered. His mouth curled back into a growling snarl, as he felt overcome with rage. He was unsure why, but he was instantly thrown against the cage with his claw-less paws outstretched, slashing at the bars in front of him. He seemed to have no control over his movements as he growled and barked, while trying to escape from his prison. Was this instinct? Was he born with this hatred of humans and uncontrollable rage?

The two men before him jumped back in surprise from his sudden attempt at an attack. The pen from the coated man’s hand flew back and hit another cage behind him. “Was he like this when you captured him?” he asked while smoothing down his blonde hair.

“No,” the man wearing overalls replied. He scratched his head before he continued. “However I did feel a great deal of power when I grabbed hold of him.”

“Hmm… I do not think that he will be able to be adopted,” replied the man who had finished smoothing his hair down from his scare. “He will have to be put down. Give him three days.”

Shep ears perked up with the human’s words. “Put down…” They sounded so familiar. They seemed…a part of him. He had a feeling that he had heard those words, possibly from his previous capture. He glanced up at the two men, still growling with rage before continuing his charge at the cage door.

“We will see if he can be adopted or not,” stated the blonde-haired man glaring down at the vicious dog before him. “Feed him,” he said as he turned to pick up the pen that had slipped from his hand, and then started to leave the room down the hall. The overalled man reached for a bag of dog food that was lying on the floor until the suited man quickly turned and warned, “But be careful. This dog…is no ordinary dog.”

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  1. Jared
    Jared says:

    i read it its 607 now and I have to go to the play… I like how finally you started putting in cliffhangers. Its very kool

  2. Bret
    Bret says:

    Wow, a dog!?!? I could’ve sworn it would’ve been a cat!!!
    I was liking the story until the words “put down” were in there!!
    How sad?!
    Anyway sweet story once again!!

    Going to read part 4 now!!!


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