Mr. Gifford contacted the T-shirt company and they informed him that they don’t accept drawings that’ve been shaded, so he’s asked me to outline my logo and erase all of the shading. If my logo is chosen to be on our T-shirts, here is what the final picture will most likely look like.

Please share your thoughts!

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    • Noelle M. Brooks
      Noelle M. Brooks says:

      I picked saturn because it is the most recognizable. If I picked Pluto or Mercury, it would have been just a circle and people might not have been able to recognize that it was a planet. Obviously you recognized that it was a planet, so I think that Saturn was the best choice.

  1. Shaundra
    Shaundra says:

    I like the designs as seperate entities but together in that small of a space… it seems too… busy. If you could somehow make the other images around the scroll smaller and have them go all the way around rather than just crowning the top of it. They just seem jammed together.

  2. Mr. G
    Mr. G says:

    Keep in mind the actual size of this picture folks. It will cover the entire back side of a shirt.

    Personally, I like the clutter anyway, because it symbolizes our scattered and cluttered minds…and the enormous numbers of stories we all write…and don’t finish! 😉

    We will have to decide on a shirt by Thanksgiving…or so.

  3. Desirae
    Desirae says:

    *no spellcheck* See! It doesnt look to bad as an outline! I think it looks excellent ^.^ I can tell you one thing, it is better than anything I could come up with =P I wasted about 3 packs of paper tryint to come up with something in my eyes that I thought looked decient together, but nothing seemed to work for me. *sigh* None the less, I think it looks good =3

  4. Bret
    Bret says:

    I hope that it’s white with black drawing because I have 3 white cats and black is just out of the question!
    (espically if we get hoodies!)


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