I’ve drawn a picture of the foal from my story, The Horse From the Woods. This is the foal from the prologue, Duchess.

Do you think that I describe her enough to get this picture in your mind? If not, please tell me how I could improve.

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        • Noelle M. Brooks
          Noelle M. Brooks says:

          Okay Bret, first you need to find an image host. They will upload your pictures from your computer to the internet for free. I use Photobucket. It is really easy to sign up, totally free, and so far I have uploaded over 350 pictures with that site without any troubles at all.

          Once you sign up and all that stuff, you sign in and the first thing you will see will be a blank box to the right with the button BROWSE next to that and the button UPLOAD under it. Use the BROWSE button to dig through the files on your computer then click the UPLOAD button.

          After you have uploaded it, it will refresh the page and if you scroll down, it will show all of the pictures that you have uploaded. Your most recent one will be at the top. Under every picture are three codes. Usually you will use the first code.

          Comment back when you have gotten this far.

  1. Rebecca
    Rebecca says:

    Sorry, Bret, can’t help you. Noelle, this is a very beautiful picture. I am not what you call artistic, so perhaps I am not the best critic. Anyway, I also love your signature. Very pretty.


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