I have to admit that my main story, The Horse From the Woods isn’t that well-written and thought out. There are some bugs and junk that I have to work out and this is probably arising from the fact that I created this story when I was six. I’ve decided to rewrite the entire story changing things such as the main character’s, (Natalie’s,) name and working some secret stuff in that I can’t tell you about because they would ruin the whole story. I’ll have to talk to Hannah about the secret stuff because she already knows the ending. This makes me agitated because my favorite character comes up in Chapter 3 and I was almost there! Oh, well.

I would really like my new character’s name to start with an “N” because I always picture characters with a certain letter and that is hers. Some of these are really stupid, but these are the ones I thought of so far are: Niria, Nyri, Nyranie, Niarie, Nyria, Nira, Nyra, Neraina, Nirania, Nilaria, Navia, Nora, Navicia, Neticia, Nyneve, Nalana, Nalenna, Neila, Nerida, Niara, Nikara, Nadia, Nara, and Nylia.

Here are some questions to help you help me make the story better.

  • What do you like about it so far?
  • What don’t you like about it?
  • What do you understand clearly?
  • What don’t you understand?
  • What needs more work?
  • What needs more detail?
  • What bugs did you find in it?
  • What should I rename the main character?
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