End of the Year Book: Ideas

For the end of the year book, (check Meeting Overview: April 20,2007 for more information,) I heard of an awesome idea from Elizabeth. Right now, we are currently going to submit whatever we feel like with one random theme. What if we do this but have one guideline? Every piece that is submitted into the book must have this one particular item in it. The item may be the main point of the piece, or may just be sitting on a table in the background. This would make it fun to search through each piece to find the certain item and would keep the book a little themed, but still wide open for anything at the same time.

There are many items that we can choose to be the one item, but here are a few that we were brought up.

  • hourglass
  • quill pen
  • feather
  • apple
  • globe
  • My favorite is the hourglass which I think would be a cool idea. If you have any ideas or have a favorite, comment and I will add any new ones to the list. Hopefully we can decide on one so we can start making arrangements for our book.

    If we do decide to do this, then I have an awesome idea for the cover art. I could draw the one item, whatever it is, and have whatever else around it. Currently I am picturing a dragon curling around an hourglass, but whatever we choose will effect the picture.

    I don’t know what you all think of this idea, so please comment and share your thoughts!