We actually had a pretty good turn out at the meeting that was held on April 20, 2007, with fourteen members, but unfortunately Mr. Gifford’s eldest had pinkeye and needed his father at home with him. Due to Mr. Gifford’s absence, our meeting only ran about 20 minutes long or so and we took a brief run through of some topics.

1. End of the Year Book – This was the main topic at our meeting and should be on everybody’s minds right now because we are getting so close to the end of the year. A while back, Mr. Gifford found a site that allows a group of people to “publish” a collection of their works into a professional looking book that will actually be on sale on the internet. The site is, www.wordventures.com and we are seriously thinking of going through with this great deal, so check it out for more information. For costs, they offer many deals, but the one setback is that every member must pay the same price. We spoke of this at our meeting and have agreed to each pay $15.00 for a maximum of 4,000 words per person in the book, without illustrations (except for the cover art.)


  • $12.00 – 1,000 words maximum
  • $13.00 – 2,000 words maximum
  • $14.00 – 3,000 words maximum
  • $15.00 – 4,000 words maximum <— OUR PRICE
  • $16.00 – 5,000 words maximum
  • $17.00 – 6,000 words maximum
  • $18.00 – 7,000 words maximum
  • $19.00 – 8,000 words maximum
  • $20.00 – 9,000 words maximum
  • $21.00 – 10,000 words maximum
  • For illustrations, each person would have to spend $6.00 extra regardless if they submit an illustration or not. Mr. Gifford recommended that we do not go with this and we all decided not to. We can however design our own cover art for free, which opens the question of what we would like on it… I have a cool idea, so check my next post about it. Other than that, I am willing to draw anything but people. I can’t draw people. I’ll try to get up a few ideas later.

    If we agree on this book right now, we would have to have all of our writings submitted by June 25th, 2007, which would enable us to get the finished projects by the fall. The school will buy each person who contributes one free copy of the book. Overall, we all agreed that this is an awesome job and that we would like to go through with it, but it will only happen if we have 15 people who contribute. At the meeting, we had 10 people say that no matter what, they would contribute, and the other four, (one which also voted for Matt, who did not attend,) voted that they might participate. For this to happen, we need at least 15 for-sures.

    If you have any questions or want some more information, visit the site or talk with Mr. Gifford.

    2. T-Shirts and Hoodies – The hoodie and T-shirt order has been sent, so you can expect yours in about two weeks! Remember that we chose navy blue with silver for Matt’s Thermo Nuclear Warhead which is on the front in a small pocket-size with my Behind the Scroll design on the back in a large size. If you would still like to purchase a T-shirt or hoodie, contact Mr. Gifford as soon as possible.

    3. End of the Year Meetings – The end of the year is approaching and we don’t have many meetings left until summer. What would you like to do and discuss in our next meetings? Should we participate in public readings, such as Open-Mic Night at Main Street Books? Should we just get together to talk and share? As Randy led this meeting, talk of an end of the year party came up. Discuss more on this topic on Mr. Gifford’s blog.

    4. Summer Plans – Summer is approaching, but this does not mean that our club will end. Continue to write over the summer and keep up with your goals. Visit other members’ blogs and give constructive criticism and feedback on their writings. We may even schedule meetings that will take place over the summer if people are interested to help keep the club running until next school year. Continue to encourage each other and never stop writing!

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    1. Mr. G
      Mr. G says:

      Sounds like a good meeting. Sorry I missed it. 🙁 Truly. I really wanted to get the chance to visit with ya’ll. I hadn’t even seen some of you in a long while!

      It also sounds like you covered the ideas that I wanted covered. To add to the info, I started the process on ordering the book. I should have more information next week. Check out the site for more information if you are interested.

    2. Mr. G
      Mr. G says:

      Oh, also…If people really want, I THINK they could order two spots. Then, they could put in up to 8000 words. Just a thought. No one has to, of course. 😀

    3. Matt
      Matt says:

      Sorry I coud’t make it, looked lik fun
      1. when does shirt money have to go in?
      2. Would I have to use a pseudo nym to get 8000 words?
      3. When woould we get shirts?
      4. Do I have 8000 words worth printing?

    4. Mr. G
      Mr. G says:

      1. Shirt order is in. Payment upon delivery.
      2. More details on that soon. I think so, though. It could be Matt and Matthew.
      3. Two weeks or so.
      4. No. 😀 J/K

      Thanks for the list, Noelle. Now, I really wish I had stayed at the meeting. 🙁

    5. Noelle M. Brooks
      Noelle M. Brooks says:

      No, but I think that I can remember the fourteen that were there…

      Jared Wilson
      Randall Roberts
      Jeremy Bateman
      Bret Kragh
      Jessica Eaves
      Janna Ayash
      Melissa Podruchny
      Desirae Small
      Rebecca Anderson
      Elizabeth Hamm
      Terri Gamas
      Shaundra Ray
      Isaac Wilson

      (Sorry if I spelled anybody’s name wrong. This is from the top of my head.)


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