Okay, so the cover art is due like this Friday I think… I need to know some things. What do we want on it? Do you want me to do a variety of things such as the different genres on our “logo”? Should I do just one like a dragon or something? I need some ideas and I’m kind of freaking out right now due to all the work I have right now, so sorry about this messed up post, but gaah! I am really frustrated and I just want to get away from it all right now…

– – –

I got an idea now! How about this, a dragon curling around a large hourglass with space in the background and butterflies and flower petals pouring in the hourglass rather than sand. I’ll throw a quill pen in there somewhere.

How does everybody like this? Anything you want added or taken away?

– – –

I have finished the basic outline and am about to start coloring it. What colors should I use?

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  1. Mr. G
    Mr. G says:

    Get away…get away…

    I DO have the picture that I found that we could use. I worry that not only will it be hard for you to draw something that proves good for the entire club, but drawing it so that it follows all of the guidelines in this tight deadline.

    If you did go for drawing something, I’d prefer a variety of things like our logo. OR, I think you mentioned a dragon curled around an hourglass… Probably ought to work in a feather or quill.

    or just go with the pic I found. either is cool with me. 😀

  2. Rebecca
    Rebecca says:

    I think that both Noelle’s drawn idea and Mr. G’s web idea are both cool. Decisions, decisions. At least our submissions aren’t due until, like, June.


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