End of the Year Book: Cover Art Ideas

Okay, so the cover art is due like this Friday I think… I need to know some things. What do we want on it? Do you want me to do a variety of things such as the different genres on our “logo”? Should I do just one like a dragon or something? I need some ideas and I’m kind of freaking out right now due to all the work I have right now, so sorry about this messed up post, but gaah! I am really frustrated and I just want to get away from it all right now…

– – –

I got an idea now! How about this, a dragon curling around a large hourglass with space in the background and butterflies and flower petals pouring in the hourglass rather than sand. I’ll throw a quill pen in there somewhere.

How does everybody like this? Anything you want added or taken away?

– – –

I have finished the basic outline and am about to start coloring it. What colors should I use?