End of the Year Book: Final Decisions

Basically this is what we have for the end of the year book. These are now finalized.

Title: Type a Little Faster: Volume II

Subtitle: 2006-2007

Cover Art: Hourglass: Final Deadline

Sentence Description: Selections of creative writing by members of the Magic Pens writing club at Minot High School.

Back Cover Text: With the vivid imaginations…

Dedication: Due to your…

Text Font: ClearFace for Stories and Such / Caslon for Titles

First Paragraph Style: Drop-Cap

Introduction: At our school, there are all kinds of activities for kids to join. They can be involved in sports, music, drama, dance, and a long list of other activities. But there was nothing available for that unusual group of students who liked to write. Those poor souls got to write stories and poems occasionally for their English classes, but that small venue was all that was available to these hapless souls.

Until the Magic Pens writing club was formed.

This group of young people range in age from freshmen in high school to freshmen in college. They come to the group from diverse interests and activities. There aren’t many groups that bring together young and old students the way this club does.

When I started the club, I wasn’t sure what to expect. At first, I had this idea that we would have various activities to drive the writing. I had mini workshops planned. We were going to work on writing effective narrative hooks, experiment with different points of view, and several other forms of organized writing activities. In theory, this seemed a good idea. Quickly, though, I discovered that having organized writing activities was exactly what these young writers did not want.

They wanted readers.

We still work on all of those other things. First, though, and most importantly, we read. The club members each have a password protected blog where each story, poem, or non-fiction piece is posted. Club members read and post comments. Most importantly, though, each of our young writers get the chance to share stories and poems with people of like interest. They receive encouragement and ideas and criticisms from peers who genuinely want them to improve.

Ultimately, our goals are not so lofty as to hope to be rich and famous. Not that we would mind, of course. The purpose of our club is simply to encourage writing and foster a love for the art. To that end, I think you’ll see that we are a success. The Magic Pens write often and well and for no other purpose than enjoyment. As an educator, I can think of nothing better.

Read and enjoy the collected works of the Minot High School Magic Pens.

Chad Gifford
Book Coordinator
Minot High School-Central Campus