I am just thinking aloud right now…Please tell me what you think. I would like some suggestions and corrections.


  • -In the first paragraph, should it be “…may just be another…” or “…may be just another…”?
  • In the last paragraph, should I start a new paragraph with “Each piece within this book…” of leave it how it is?
  • With the vivid imaginations of the Magic Pens, a common object could be something extraoridinary… This item may possess the powers to transport a living being from one dimension to the next, or may bond with the spirit of a dragon, determining its life and death. Magic may radiate through the bare metal and wood that constructs the item, gifting it with its talents, or a mystery may fall upon it. Anything is possible when a pen is in hand…

    Through the eyes of another, this object may not seem to behold magnificent abilities, but may be just another of the typical items strewn about a desk. Some may disregard the unusual object, fooled by its common veil, never revealing its true secrets. Without giving a second thought, they could pass by, never knowing.

    Most people can recognize an hourglass when shown one and most people know the purpose of it. Filled with fine sand, it has helped us measure time for many years and can still be found today. Through its simple and reliable design, the hourglass was used aboard ships and throughout medieval times, carrying itself through history, year by year. Each piece within this book has been transferred from the minds of the Magic Pens, each different and unique from the next. Many genres and styles are combined here, although there is one similarity between them all…the hourglass.

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    1. Mr. G
      Mr. G says:

      Spelling errors…easy to fix, though. I’d maybe change the first word to “With”. At the end, I’d switch around so it went like this: “between them all…the hourglass.”

      Otherwise, it seems pretty cool.


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