As many of you know, Mr. Gifford has won the Dedication Poll, so he is most likely who we will be dedicating the book too. Here’s my version of the dedication.

Due to your encouraging words and thoughtful suggestions, we dedicate this book to you, Mr. Gifford, for giving us this chance and helping us to go forth.

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  1. Matt
    Matt says:

    WHat? what poll? when did we decide this? and does anyone READ my comments? I’ve been slatherig my dedication everywhere and no one seems to notice!

  2. Shaundra
    Shaundra says:

    I dunno…. its good…but it doesnt get the whole *makes frustrated hand gestures because I cant think of the word* ahhhh…. it doesnt give the picture of how much Gifford has influenced us as writers… (that wasnt quite what I wanted to say but I had a brain fart). I think it should be either humorous or poetic but don’t expect me to write it! I suck at stuff like that.

  3. Noelle M. Brooks
    Noelle M. Brooks says:

    I held a poll on my site and asked around school and to the people who bothered to stop by my blog. The post was titled End of the Year Book: Dedication Poll. Your vote is on their Matt. I have read all of your comments, so I put your vote under “The Readers”. I noticed that you have thrown out (I think) two dedications and I have spoken to Mr. Gifford about it. Since “The Readers” didn’t win the poll, he didn’t want to use that…You could write another one to Mr. Gifford if you like. I don’t exactly care if my dedication gets used or not, I just wanted to throw my piece out there.


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