Yay for me…I wrote a total of 3,628 words from October 7 to October 13, 2007, and that’s only because of the research paper for English class. 🙁

I was so swamped with homework once again. Seriously, what is frickin’ up with this year!? Gah, I have been doing homework from 4:00pm (when I get home from school,) until 10:30pm, (when I go to bed,) every single school night! That’s just not right…I haven’t had time for anything lately, and I am just so stressed out.

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  1. Rebecca
    Rebecca says:

    I’d say I’m with both of you, but surprisingly, I seem to have gotten the EASY teachers this year. I had practically NO homework this week.
    Okay, so it was only three days, but STILL…


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