Creative, intuitive, intelligent, and inspiring, my paternal grandmother, Deborah Brooks has influenced my life greatly and continues to impact my thoughts and actions. Graduating from college with teacher certification for teaching fine arts in high school, and teaching elementary, Spanish-speaking, and special needs children, my grandmother has encouraged the determined and creative drive within me and has inspired me to pursue a degree in studio art with all-level teacher certification. Throughout my entire life, I have viewed my grandmother as an idol and have striven to better myself to reach my goals, so I, too, can someday have my own class of high school students, learning and growing with my help.

Art is a gift that I wish to bring alive in each person. Anyone can leave a mark on the world and everyone can add a splash of color to his life. With a little instruction, a stimulating challenge, and a driving purpose, paintbrushes can create worlds and pencils can bring paper to life. With a natural instinct to help and share my knowledge, I aim to unveil student’s eyes and help them find their own personal artistic voice. With the knowledge and experience gained from earning a college degree, I plan to become a high school art teacher to help the world discover the value of art. By attending a university, I will be able to sharpen my artistic talents, allow my passion to grow, and later empower others to improve themselves and add to life’s natural beauty.

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