Most people think I’m pretty weird when I step outside, a gust of wind blows by, and I throw my arms about and exclaim, “I hate you, wind!” I really just don’t like wind, though…There’s a few reasons why:

1. It Messes Up My Hair – All girls should agree with me on this one…I’ve got pretty long hair and I never pull it back or wear it up. I like my hair down and out of my face, but for some reason, wind does not agree with me. Wind would rather blow my hair all over the place, pulling it up into the air, right in front of my face, or even whipping it into the faces of people around me. It gets so bad sometimes that I’ll walk backwards or sideways to get the hair out of my face. This always makes it difficult to put my bike helmet on. I can’t put a helmet on my head when my hair’s being blown into several different directions, so I’ll have to face the wind to blow my hair backwards and try to herd it into my helmet. To top it all off, when I finally get indoors, my hair is super frizzy, knotted, and overall, a crazy, unkempt mess.

2. It Ruins Outdoor Picnics – I love the outdoors. I would love the outdoors even more if there wasn’t wind. I enjoy restaurants that offer outdoor seating and I like having a home with an outdoor patio set and living in a residence hall with an outdoor balcony with tables and chairs. These are all useless, though, if there’s wind. It’s hard to eat outdoors when there’s wind blowing around. You can’t keep anything in place, especially napkins and paper plates and cups. For a little while, food and drink will keep your plates and cups in place, but once you reach the end of the meal, your plates will start lifting up, and your cups will start turning over. Plus, your napkin will constantly be trying to fly away, and it’s difficult to use when it’s tucked under your plate, especially if your plate is trying to fly away, as well. I wish wind would leave me alone when I’m trying to eat outside.

3. It Makes it Feel Colder – Wind likes to complicate things so much that it even messes with our temperature. Because of wind we not only have to talk about the actual temperature, but also have to talk about the wind chill and the “feels like” temperature. It could be a comfortable 65 degrees outside, but throw in some wind, and it’s a cold 55 degrees. This is even worse if it’s already cold outside! Leave me alone, wind, it’s cold enough, already!

4. It Makes it Harder to Walk – I’m a pretty small person, so wind likes to bully me and push me around. On a really windy day, it can be pretty hard for me to walk around. I want to go one way, but the wind wants me to go another way. Take some hills into consideration and the situation gets even worse, especially when I’m on my bike. It’s already a struggle riding a bike up a steep hill, but it’s even worse when the wind is pushing against me.

5. It Can be Dangerous – One of my biggest fears is tornadoes. That’s just a cyclonic tunnel of deadly wind! Wind can get pretty strong and really be destructive and hurtful when it comes to storms, tornadoes, and hurricanes. Storms really terrify me and when I hear the wind really starting to pick up, I can’t help but get worried. Many lives have been changed because of wind, and generally, not for the better. Entire cities have even been destroyed because of wind. Think of all the money spent in hurricane and tornado relief…Wind is a monster.

So, wind and I don’t have a very good relationship. I’m not very fond of it and it’s not very fond of me as it constantly messes with me and annoys me. As it stands right now, I hate wind.

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