“How did it go?”

“Well the dog is dead.”

“Dead? Oh, you mean the other dog.”

“Yes, Shep is fine. A little scratched, but fine.”

“So, what happened?”

“I just let the dog in, and Shep went straight for his neck. There was a bit of fighting, but with his sheer power he had no trouble bringing it down. He killed the dog just as we hoped.”

“Wow, this might have worked better than we were expecting.”

“Yes, a little too well.”

“What is wrong?”

“Well after he killed the dog, he went straight for me. He has no respect for us and he doesn’t fear us.”

“That could be a problem, but we can work it out. Just a minor…complication.”

Shep’s eyes slowly opened as he awakened from his disturbing dream. It was his past. He knew it; he could feel it. These strange dreams were windows into his past life. Who were those people? Why was he there? Suddenly, a picture flashed through his mind in the time it took him to blink. He saw a canine lying before his feet, just for a second. There was blood seeping from the many wounds on his sides, and Shep could see the throat, torn and shredded open. Had he done this? Was this another…memory?

Then, excruciating pain blasted through his body causing him to growl and snap his jaws. He released a whining howl just as a woman jumped back from the table he was sprawled over. “What?!” she asked, astonished. Her eyes were wide with fear and doubt. “What is going on?” Shep overcame his pain and rose to his four paws. He felt metal tools slide off of his body onto the cold surface of the metal table as he shook his fur about. “How is this possible?” continued the lady backing against the wall.

Taking in his mysterious surroundings, Shep found himself to be in a small room with bare, colorless walls. There was a single door in front of the table on which he stood. Cabinets and shelves lined the wall with an array of medicines and antibiotics placed on them in neat organization. The woman backing away from his right side was wearing a long, white coat and gloves that hid her hands. Her face was pale with terror as she held her hands up to defend her face. Shep could easily hear her breathing. Shortened and sharp…she was troubled.

Shep jumped back when he noticed the blood on the fingertips of the powdered gloves and felt a sharp pain bite into his right side. Peering over his shoulder, his eyes met with the greatly damaged flesh and fur. Deep gashes and scrapes covered his entire side bringing him unbearable pain. He realized that a growl still emitted from his mouth along with a few occasional barks. He then noticed that his wounds were dry and had mostly scabbed over. How long ago did this happen? His memory failed him as he tried to think back.

Then he found blood dripping from the largest of the wounds. It had been reopened and stung with a vicious sting. As Shep returned his glance to the metal tools resting at his feet, he wasn’t surprised to find his blood on them. His face bore a nasty snarl as he leered at the frightened lady. He paced to the edge of the table, eyeing his prey intently. She would pay for what she had done to him. With all the power surging through his body, Shep pounced from the table with his paws outstretched, and fangs gleaming in the bright light.

The lady cried out in pain as Shep sunk his teeth into her left leg. He scratched at the skin with his useless paws and tightly locked his jaw. He could feel the uncontrollable anger sweep over him as he unleashed his fury. His blood ran out and spilled from his side as his heart pumped vigorously. He began to sway as dizziness came, but shook it off and held his grip firmly.

The screams of the woman pierced through his heart as he realized what he was doing. He tried to release his grip, but found that he could not. His muscles disobeyed as they tightened with each second. Why couldn’t he control this? Why was it taking over his life? All he could feel…was sheer power and anger. “How…how is this…happening?!” gasped the woman with tears in her eyes as she reached for the counter along the wall. “You were…you were…dead!” she screamed in agony as her fingertips grasped the edge. She pulled against the force of the dog, but did not prevail. Then, a gleam of glass caught her eye as she reached for the syringe that rested on the counter. She recognized the fluid within it to be deadly and quickly plunged the needle into Shep’s shoulder in her defense.

With a yelp, Shep released his bloody grip on the woman’s leg and fell to the floor. The woman screamed as she flailed from the room, leaving the dog to die on the cold, tile floor. Shep’s pain and agony had temporarily stopped. He felt tranquility return to him as he regained control over his emotions. His body however would not move as he lied helplessly on the ground. His mind felt flushed as all the questions he had left him. Slowly, he closed his eyes and hoped that this was the end to his troubles.


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