Today for my English class, we were given the assignment to write a few non-fictional paragraphs that did not make up a story, such as our thoughts on something. The topic was for each of us to decide. Here is my piece.

It is interesting how a person can use mere words to describe the abundant amount of ideas and thoughts that linger in his mind. However he twists and uses his words is also very important and can change the way another person takes them in. When writing, one lacks the visual image and emphasis that he can add to his chosen words and is forced to carefully plan out what he wants to tell his reader.

Using words skillfully can create amazing stories for people to enjoy and can deliver the creative thoughts that are forming in one’s mind. Transferring one’s thoughts into true words that share the idea in a full understanding brings great pride and joy to the writer, and possibly even the reader. Each time a writer spread words across a page, he is granted with the wonderful feeling of knowing that he has given another piece of his thoughts to someone else, enabling that person to understand him, even just a bit more.

Great writers enjoy watching their created characters come alive as they live and breath in their own fictional lands. When a writer has successfully shared his creations with others, the readers can live alongside his characters and feel what they feel. As the readers feel a connection with the character, they begin to bond with them, and the author, all through the scribbles on a page. Together, the reader and the character can venture new worlds, overcome great obstacles, feel the same emotions, and relate to one another. An entirely new person can come alive through the skilled use of words and can even help others find new people within themselves.

Words can bring about strong thoughts, and gentle ones at the same time. It is how the words are used, which are chosen, and how the reader receives them that truly delivers the message. Anything can be shared through writing, just as anything can be received through reading…

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