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Chapter 2: City Trouble

Shep tugged at the collar that was wrapped tightly around his neck. He tried to remember anything of his life, but nothing came to him. Who had put this annoying collar on him? Without claws, he was unable to tear it off and gave up with a sigh. The sun had just hit the horizon casting a pink and purple glow over the sky. Hunger quickly nagged at his mind, urging him to travel to the city and away from the forest. For some reason though, there was a strange feeling that passed over him when he entered the woods. He felt…home almost. Ignoring the feeling, he rose to his feet and looked behind to the forest once more.

Let Me Decorate Your Blog!

I was thinking about it and since I’ve bought a new computer, I now have much more free time. If anybody would like me to decorate their blog, just ask. All you will need is a background color preference and a picture. The only decorating I can do right now is add a header, (like […]

Chapter 1: Instincts Arising

ooking up at the bright full moon looming overhead, Shep tried to remember as far back as he could. Resting all four of his tired paws, he sat on the vast, grassy hill that overlooked the bustling city below. He wasn’t sure why, but there was nothing there. Part of his mind was missing…gone…lost. Why […]

T-Shirt Design #3

Mr. Gifford contacted the T-shirt company and they informed him that they don’t accept drawings that’ve been shaded, so he’s asked me to outline my logo and erase all of the shading. If my logo is chosen to be on our T-shirts, here is what the final picture will most likely look like. Please share […]

T-Shirt Design #2

Mr. Gifford suggested that I tweak my original T-shirt design with the different genre representations around in a circle with a scroll that says Magic Pens. Share your comments, ideas, suggestions and thoughts!

Prologue [Old]

Running through the forest, a young girl brushed rough branches from her face. Her long maple-colored hair snagged on low-hanging leaves as she passed, slowing her speed. Scanning her surroundings with her dark emerald green eyes, she tried to find what had uttered the long, painful cry that she had heard earlier. Her heart raced in her throat as she glided through the woods. She searched through the mystery of the foliage. Growing tired, she slowed her pace to a fast walk, her chest heaving up and down under her white blouse as she gasped for air. Her heart rate slowly began to return to normal as she continued her search.


In the 9th grade, I, Noelle M. Brooks, am very serious with my schoolwork and plan on succeeding and continuing on to college. I am currently taking Spanish, Band, Interior Design, and Art for my electives along with Advanced English, Geometry, Physical Education, and Physical Science. I usually receive all A’s on each report card, and I plan to keep it that way so I could possibly get a scholorship to go to a nice college. I play flute in the school band.


I am very excited that my blog is finally up and running! I can now get to work and start writing. I can also start messing with the HTML on my page!