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In the 9th grade, I, Noelle M. Brooks, am very serious with my schoolwork and plan on succeeding and continuing on to college. I am currently taking Spanish, Band, Interior Design, and Art for my electives along with Advanced English, Geometry, Physical Education, and Physical Science. I usually receive all A’s on each report card, and I plan to keep it that way so I could possibly get a scholorship to go to a nice college. I play flute in the school band.

Enough, about my school life, I shall now bore you with my life story! I was born in San Antonio, Texas on Lackland Air Force Base on June 29, 1992. My parents were both working in the United States Air Force at the time, however my dad got out when my brother, Wesley X. was born on October 16, 1995. My mom is still currently in the military and we live on Minot Air Force Base. I lived in San Antonio until June of 2003, however, being in the military, I lived in 4 different houses while I was there. Right before I turned 11 years old, we moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota. My mom was then a recruiter for the military, so we did not live on a base in Minnesota. We moved from Minnesota in October of 2004 to here; Minot, North Dakota. We currently live on Minot Air Force Base where my mom works at the clinic on base.

I have many hobbies that I like to do all the time. When I get bored, I like to draw pictures. My favorite things to draw are fantasty creatures like dragons, unicorns, and gryphons. I also draw creatures that I make up myself, Pokemon, and Neopets. I’ve recently bought a Wacom drawing tablet and Adobe Photoshop 7, and am just learning how to use them, but before, I would always color my pictures with colored pencils. Another one of my hobbies is writing. I think that this is kind of obvious… I enjoy writing fantasy stories wtih dragons in them. I illustrate my story sometimes and have been writing and drawing in unison since I was about six years old. The story I have recently been writing, The Horse in the Woods, is actually a rewrite of the story, Toby’s Adventure, which I wrote in 1st grade. I have definitly improved my writing skills since then, and have made the story a lot more interesting and fun to read. Along with writing and drawing, I also like to ride my bike. I am very talented on my bike and can ride in perfect balance without using my hands. In my free time, I like to play video games and watch movies. My favorite song is Clocks by Coldplay, color is sapphire, animal is the fox, season is summer, holiday is Christmas, month is June, television show is Lost, book is Hatchet, and author is Gary Paulsen.

To keep me company at home, I have 2 pet rabbits. When we lived in Texas, we had a brown tabby cat named Hobbes, and loved him so much that when we moved here, and couldn’t take him with us, we got an orange tabby named Tabbie. Unforunatly my dad became allergic to cats and could not breathe. We had to give our cat to my friend Kim Roberson after owning him for only one month. Instead of getting a cat, we then bought a white rabbit from the mall here. I named the small red-eyed, pointed brown dwarf rabbit, Crystal because her eyes change color to blue and purple in the sunlight. (Pointed brown is a rabbit term meaning she is all white except for her tips. Her ears, nose, feet, and tail are colored, in this case, brown. ) She was very small then, but has grown since then. She is now full grown and fits in both of my hands together. After about 2 months, we bought another white rabbit from the mall. This rabbit is a much larger breed than Crystal with dark green eyes. Because of her eyes, I named her Emerald. She is a pointed black rabbit with an attitude. When Crystal eats lettuce and carrots, she will only eat raw spagetti and Sweet Tarts. She is also not as friendly as Crystal. Crystal will happily give a face wash to anybody she likes, while Emerald would rather avoid people all together, unless they are lying on their stomachs. In that case, she will jump on their backs. Emerald is still growing and is an armful so far.

I stand at 5 feet tall exactly and have long, dark brown hair. My bangs are grown out to the side, framed around the glasses that rest low on my face. I wear my entire collection of bracelets, (which includes 15 right now,) on my right wrist, and receive many compliments and questions about them. I am hypoglycemic, arachnaphobic, claustrophobic, and have really bad seasonal allergies. Because of my hypoglycemia, my blood sugar gets low when I do a lot of physical activities, so I get shaky, nervous, and dizzy. I’m an introverted person and can be very passive at times. I’m too shy to talk to people most of the time.

I have pretty much explained my whole life to you, so feel free to ask questions and leave comments. I would be happy to hear from anybody!

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  1. Mr. G
    Mr. G says:

    Yay, thanks for the bio. Helps us get to know you.

    One thing: Use the MORE button so that your bio doesn’t take up the entire page. You’ll eventually post more things-like writings!-and will want the room. Have you stopped by my blog? I have some thoughts for all of the new club members.


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