“But, Father! You know that I’m old enough to go!”

“Yes, I know, Arin, but-”

“You let Theo go when he was of seven years!”

“Arin, please. Just listen to me!”

“Father! I’m of ten years! I’m old enough to go with him! He only has four more years than me!”

My father groaned as I persisted to travel with my older brother into the wilderness of the mountains. I could sense the tenseness in the air as I listened intently. “Son,” my father paused. “You…you just can’t go with Theo.” I noticed the sympathy in my father’s voice as he rejected my request. “You aren’t like your brother. You’re…different, special. You’re special, Arin.”

“Father, I know that I can do this! I’ll be with Theo. He’ll be there to guide me. I’ll be safe.” I begged my father consistently as I waited for his permission. “I can do this.”

The silence that surrounded me made me feel tense and nervous. I felt as if I was hiding in the darkness of night. I heard a sigh along with the scratching of my father’s fingers upon his head. “Son-” Just then I heard a door open along with the footsteps of my brother. My ears sensed the creaking of wood as my father turned in the chair that he was sitting in.

“What’s this?” my brother asked as he walked to the table at which I was seated. He leaned against the hard surface as I felt his eyes on me.

“Your brother has asked to go trapping with you, Theo.”

There was an awkward silence between us. The small house was quiet and I patiently waited to hear what my sibling had to say. “He’s been asking to come with me for quite some time now. You should have more faith in him. I’m sure he’ll be fine.” I felt a release in pressure on the table as my brother stood.

“You know that he can’t go, Theo. You know this. Don’t you understand?”

“Father, please.” I reminded my father that I was still sitting across from him.

“Yes, but he’s strong. I know of no other person with as strong a will as Arin. He can do anything. He will do anything. Father, please let him come.” I was thankful for my brother’s understanding. He was always there to help me.

I felt a nervous tightening in my neck as I listened carefully. “I…” my father began, but sharply cut his words off. “I just don’t want to lose you, Arin,” he whispered. I could hear a crack in his voice as it was pushed from the dryness of his throat.

“He’ll be with me, Father. I’ll keep him safe,” my brother reassured my father with a sense of security.

I could tell that my father was seriously thinking over the current situation. He thought as my brother and I waited. “No,” he finally answered with sternness giving strength to his deep voice. “No…” His voice trailed off in softness. I felt a tear swell in the moistness of my eye as I took in my father’s decision.

There was silence from where Theo was standing. He must have been thinking over what he was to say. “Father…” I could sense uncertainty as he spoke. “Father, it’ll be alright. He’ll be safe.”

“I said, ‘No!’” my father yelled out with an unusual amount of anger. I jumped in fear as he slammed his fist onto the table. “As long as our King still lives, Arin will not go trapping with you!”

I felt tears stream down my face as I silently listened to my father’s harsh words. I knew that he was only trying to protect me. He was only doing what he thought was best for me but he couldn’t keep me locked up forever. I had to see the world sometime. I had to discover things on my own…someday. I held in the fury that I had been saving throughout the years.

“Father, you know how much he wants to go. Don’t you remember when you were a young boy? Think of how you wanted to discover the world on your own. Remember-” My brother’s friendly voice stopped and faded away as my father quietly thought to himself.

“But he is special, Theo. He can’t survive in his condition. He-”

My rage was too overwhelming to hold within my quaint body any longer. “Father! For once forget of my blindness! For once, please!” I had risen from my seat and fiercely pounded on the wooden surface, surprising myself. I released hot air from my open mouth as I awaited his response. The silence seemed to last for ages as both my brother and father stared at me with astonished awe. I glared in reply as I breathed deeply from anger.

“I’ll be there,” I heard my brother softly assure once more. “All will be well.”

The silence from the room lay still and covered all within our house. I waited with great anticipation as I trembled nervously. I fidgeted with my fingers and ignored the itch that lay on my face beside my eye. I didn’t want to draw any attention to the thick cloth that wrapped my eyes in hiding.

“You may go, son… You may go.” I heard my father’s heavy footsteps leave the room with his decision. I stood in disbelief for a moment before I turned to my brother and reached out my arms. As he came to me, I embraced him in a hug and whispered, “Thank you, Theo. Thank you for helping me.”

“You’re welcome, Arin.” my brother whispered back. “We’ll leave early morning tomorrow,” he told me aloud. “Better get your stuff ready,” he said as he ruffled my hair with his hand. I heard a slight chuckle as he left. I’m sure there was a smile on his face too.

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