The Horse from the Woods: Chapter 1 Part 1/4

4 Years Later

Natalie’s dark green eyes shot open at the pounding of her bedroom door. The unpleasant sound of her uncle’s voice followed the pounding, “Wake up Natalie! It is time for work!” Sitting up and rubbing her eyes drowsily, she yawned and walked to the small circular window of her attic room, staring out to the darkness of early morning. The many stars of Septia’s sky met her drowsy, green eyes as they tinkled and danced in the sky. Another hard day of enduring work was ahead of her…

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Chapter 2: City Trouble

Shep tugged at the collar that was wrapped tightly around his neck. He tried to remember anything of his life, but nothing came to him. Who had put this annoying collar on him? Without claws, he was unable to tear it off and gave up with a sigh. The sun had just hit the horizon casting a pink and purple glow over the sky. Hunger quickly nagged at his mind, urging him to travel to the city and away from the forest. For some reason though, there was a strange feeling that passed over him when he entered the woods. He felt…home almost. Ignoring the feeling, he rose to his feet and looked behind to the forest once more.

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Blog Decorater!

I was thinking about it and since I have bought a new computer, I now have one in my room and I can basically go on whenever I want to allowing me much free time.

If anybody would like me to decorate their blog, just ask. All you will need is a background color preference and a picture. The only decorating I can do right now is add a header, (like the dragon I have,) add a bar to the side of the sidebar or add images to the sidebar, add dividers after each post, change the more button, change the font size or type, add a small image before the title of each post, and change the color of the background.

If you would like any of these things done, just ask!

Chapter 1: Instincts Arising

Looking up at the bright full moon looming overhead, Shep tried to remember as far back as he could. Resting all four of his tired paws, he sat on the vast, grassy hill that overlooked the bustling city below. He wasn’t sure why, but there was nothing there. Part of his mind was missing…gone…lost. Why couldn’t he recall anything? Small pieces of his memory seemed to float by his mind, just out of reach, the same as how a dream taunts its waker throughout the day, feeding enough images to catch your interest, then snatching them away. What happened to him, and why was he here?

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T-Shirt Logo Idea #2 Outline

Mr. Gifford has contacted the T-shirt company and they informed him that they do not accept drawings that have been shaded, so he has asked me to outline my logo and erase all of the shading. If my logo is chosen to be on our T-shirts, here is what the final picture will most likely look like.

Please share your thoughts!

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T-Shirt Logo Idea #2

Mr. Gifford suggested that I tweak my original T-shirt logo idea, so I have. He suggested that I put the different representations around in a circle with a scroll that says Magic Pens, so that is what I have I done.

Share your comments, ideas, suggestions and thoughts!

T-Shirt Logo Idea #1

Yay! I have finally finished drawing and shading my idea for the T-shirt logo! What does everybody think of it?

Prologue & Artwork

I have a new prologue up! This is the prologue to my very long story, The Horse from the Woods.

Tell me how you like it so far please! Also, tell me what I need to improve on.

Most people say I should use less adjectives. What do you think?

The Horse from the Woods: Prologue

Running through the forest, a young girl brushed rough branches from her face. Her long maple-colored hair snagged on low-hanging leaves as she passed, slowing her speed. Scanning her surroundings with her dark emerald green eyes, she tried to find what had uttered the long, painful cry that she had heard earlier. Her heart raced in her throat as she glided through the woods. She searched through the mystery of the foliage. Growing tired, she slowed her pace to a fast walk, her chest heaving up and down under her white blouse as she gasped for air. Her heart rate slowly began to return to normal as she continued her search.

Wandering through a thicket, she suddenly heard a small whimper that seemed to echo throughout the woods. Thinking back to the long neigh-like whinny that she had heard earlier while sitting in front of her house, she straightened up her messed up hair. What had made the peculiar sound?

Pushing some green foliage aside, a small clearing was unveiled before her. The small child gasped at the sight of the marvelous creature hiding here. Kneeling in the soft blades of grass was a small foal, neighing silently. The horse’s beautiful white coat was speckled with large, dark brown spots, creating a stunning paint coat. Along with her silky coat flowed a matching dark black mane and tail that had not fully grown out yet.

The curious child took a few cautious steps forward, trying not to startle the shy animal. As she approached the creature, it looked up at her with its shining sky blue eyes. With a slight neigh, it flinched back as the girl reached out to touch its forehead. Disturbing the elegance of the beautiful horse laid a massive wound in between its soft eyes, trickling deep, red blood along the foal’s brow and down the side of its head. The skin that had once covered the forehead of the animal looked as if it had been scraped away, and blood continued to pour out of the scratch, suggesting that it was still fresh. Wondering of how the poor animal became wounded, the child kneeled beside the creature and once again reached for its weakened area.

Suddenly, the frightened foal sprang to its hooves and quickly galloped into the thick vegetation, crying loudly in fear and pain. The girl ran after the creature, curious and full of wonder of where it had come from and why it was hurt. The filly trotted through bushes and around trees trying to escape from the fear that was following. Small drops of blood speckled the leaves, leaving a trail for the girl to follow.

Tired and unable to keep up with the swift legs of a horse, the little girl came to a stop and leaned against a moss-covered tree trunk. Her mother would be wondering where she had run off to by now. She decided to give up the chase and to start returning home, although she had not quenched her curiosity yet. As the young child wandered slowly through the thick wilderness around her, pushing aside stray twigs and branches, she realized that she had lost her way, and was unsure of where to go.

Searching through bushes and brush to find any clue of where to go, she stumbled upon a small field of gorgeous flowers and clovers. Stepping into the colorful field, she noticed the hurt foal was lying a few feet away in a soft patch of fragrances. Too weak to dart away once more, the foal directly focused its gaze on the stranger’s every move. Its nostrils flared as it regained a normal heart rate and its breathing started to return to normal after the short run. The bleeding from the creature’s forehead had momentarily paused, although its white fur was still stained by the rivers of blood.

The little girl closed her eyes, as she felt relaxed, soothed, and refreshed. She was quickly revived and she felt ready to run again. With her eyes closed, she daydreamed in the soft meadow. Thoughts of prancing beside the small foal throughout the maze of trees floated in her head. The smell of ivy and grass filled her nose and the soft sounds of songbirds seemed to lift her feet off of the forest floor as she jogged. She dreamed of gliding around the tall obstacles of the forest with the wind blowing against her face, throwing her hair back to trail behind her. The small filly galloped and leaped in glee beside her, feeling the same happiness and joy as she, amongst the animals hidden within the plants around them watching as they frolicked about the woods without a care.

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Autobiography: October 4, 2006

Noelle Brooks, 2003

Noelle Brooks, 2003

In the 9th grade at Central Campus High School, I, Noelle M. Brooks, am very serious with my schoolwork and plan on succeeding and continuing on to college. I am currently taking Spanish, Band, Interior Design, and Art, for my electives along with Advanced English, Geometry, Physical Education, and Physical Science. I usually receive all A’s on each report card, and I plan to keep it that way so I could possibly get a scholorship to go to a nice college. I play flute in the school band.

Enough, about my school life, I shall now bore you with my life story! I was born in San Antonio, Texas on Lackland Air Force Base on June 29, 1992. My parents were both working in the United States Air Force at the time, however my dad got out when my brother, Wesley X. was born on October 16, 1995. My mom is still currently in the military and we live on Minot Air Force Base. I lived in San Antonio until June of 2003, however, being in the military, I lived in 4 different houses while I was there. Right before I turned 11 years old, we moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota. My mom was then a recruiter for the military, so we did not live on a base in Minnesota. We moved from Minnesota in October of 2004 to here; Minot, North Dakota. We currently live on Minot Air Force Base where my mom works at the clinic on base.

I have many hobbies that I like to do all the time. When I get bored, I like to draw pictures. My favorite things to draw are fantasty creatures like dragons, unicorns, and gryphons. I also draw creatures that I make up myself, Pokemon, and Neopets. I have recently bought a Wacom drawing tablet and Adobe Photoshop 7, and am just learning how to use them, but before, I would always color my pictures with colored pencils. Another one of my hobbies is writing. I think that this is kind of obvious… I enjoy writing fantasy stories wtih dragons in them. I illustrate my story sometimes and have been writing and drawing in unison since I was about six years old. The story I have recently been writing, The Horse in the Woods, is actually a rewrite of the story, Toby’s Adventure, which I wrote in 1st grade. I have definitly improved my writing skills since then, and have made the story a lot more interesting and fun to read. Along with writing and drawing, I also like to ride my bike. I am very talented on my bike and can ride in perfect balance without using my hands. In my free time, I like to play video games and watch movies. My favorite song is Clocks by Coldplay, color is sapphire, animal is the fox, season is summer, holiday is Christmas, month is June, television show is Lost, book is Hatchet, and author is Gary Paulsen.

To keep me company at home, I have 2 pet rabbits. When we lived in Texas, we had a brown tabby cat named Hobbes, and loved him so much that when we moved here, and couldn’t take him with us, we got an orange tabby named Tabbie. Unforunatly my dad became allergic to cats and could not breathe. We had to give our cat to my friend Kim Roberson after owning him for only one month. Instead of getting a cat, we then bought a white rabbit from the mall here. I named the small red-eyed, pointed brown dwarf rabbit, Crystal because her eyes change color to blue and purple in the sunlight. (Pointed brown is a rabbit term meaning she is all white except for her tips. Her ears, nose, feet, and tail are colored, in this case, brown. ) She was very small then, but has grown since then. She is now full grown and fits in both of my hands together. After about 2 months, we bought another white rabbit from the mall. This rabbit is a much larger breed than Crystal with dark green eyes. Because of her eyes, I named her Emerald. She is a pointed black rabbit with an attitude. When Crystal eats lettuce and carrots, she will only eat raw spagetti and Sweet Tarts. She is also not as friendly as Crystal. Crystal will happily give a face wash to anybody she likes, while Emerald would rather avoid people all together, unless they are lying on their stomachs. In that case, she will jump on their backs. Emerald is still growing and is an armful so far.

I probably don’t have to give my appearance because I go to school with whoever reads this, but if you don’t know me, then I should give one. I stand at 5 feet tall exactly and have long dark brown hair. My bangs are grown out to the side, framed around the glasses that rest low on my face. I wear my whole collection of Support Our Troops bracelets, (which includes 15 right now,) on my right wrist, and receive many compliments and questions about them. I am hypoglycemic, arachnaphobic, claustrophobic, and have really bad seasonal allergies. Hypoglycemia is the opposite of diabetes. My blood sugar gets low when I do a lot of physical activities, so I get shaky, nervous, hyper, and dizzy. I am an introverted person and can be very passive at times. I am too shy to talk to people most of the time.

I have pretty much explained my whole life to you, so feel free to ask questions and leave comments. I would be happy to hear from anybody!


I am very excited that my blog is finally up and running!

I can now get to work and start writing.

I can also start messing with the HTML on my page!